Saw this in the comments Worth the Read.. I saw this as a comment and it was the greatest thing i've ever read. ever. !!WORTH THE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!. We 139549325 worth the fucking read Mikasas Dick
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Saw this in the comments Worth the Read.

I saw this as a comment and it was the greatest thing i've ever read. ever.

!!WORTH THE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!

We 1395493253663 12 KB, 571x359, mend my
a Anonymous on 24 13 we No 533444327
may lune
The (m', lune I posted we snowy u was done m a hurry so New I conect man was mono mm u we an lune Hound
a snowy about nae, vengeance, mama and headship
I mean no you on my dogs and man no wilting dinosaurs, Mme ' West . as at Pokemon we m slave
P. R me 16 Wed m seann 3 house mm mum, pops and newgen men #9632343
Dwavern( s we swan as **** mean swan
we and my seen, mom we mu can as, had om own bemoan}:
was mowed no Nye an and desktop n my mom ms manage was g"/ en men the No moons
Had no Nye my unlocked an my Vienna admins: so than n may nave! sway noun the aha we Jew
L% namn
Dwavern( s wowed nun new so they made men as enhance the we mm an non nouns
men as stopped by my mom every now and wen med keep me on my noes
men didn' n Jeannie n was a goddamn . (Waugh baaw, (aside newsing mes
became new pawns commrnt no my mom noun mes away
L% aru' we Unixes up wage my opening and closing We rm a 1930': hacks! mung up on mam
Nye may so n watch n want wen use demon's no FWW% myserf m we shows!
And as much I would like no (hens: hams they have we no do mm we may so slop wee
boyfrend no house noun (nine no (nine (amen baked We Justinn when and a nee n/ on muse?! had a chm!
MWF) acts an coon and , m now on paeans as than she‘: wynne no -5% ms sown‘ so they gum men
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#3 - anonymous (06/23/2014) [-]
have to say, damn good **** .

+1 to Reading
#1 - butchthebird (06/18/2014) [+] (1 reply)
Do you expect me to read this **** ?
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