Santa. Oh and also.... Merry Christmas FunnyJunk have fun! . DIE: Apparently, YOU told Santa that you have been GOOD this year -. This sounds like something my Grandma would send me Christmas funny Santa
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#4 - lavatofire (12/24/2013) [-]
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I hope everyone has a nice christmas!!!.
also i hope you all get what you wanted.
User avatar #2 - trivdiego (12/24/2013) [-]
This sounds like something my Grandma would send me
User avatar #5 - deathblossomfour (12/25/2013) [-]
Since when did my aunt get a FunnyJunk account?
User avatar #7 - urumasi (12/25/2013) [-]
That was literally on my english teacher's door last year.
User avatar #6 - stijnybe (12/25/2013) [-]
Because of the thumbnail i thought it said christmas is cancer.
#3 - nagafever (12/24/2013) [-]
**nagafever rolled a random image posted in comment #20 at sad ** yeah well **** santa. now that i can live alone i can finally spend christmas peacefully and quiet without traditional food like cooked fish.
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