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#7364482 - vampireshy (01/07/2014) [-]
>be me
>have 12 anime pillows
>call everyone kawaii
>wear kimonos all day erryday
>am a certififed otaku
>have an actual waifu ( I met her on christianmingle.com, gonna try to convert her to atheism, hopefully my superior intellect will reach her feeble mind )
>go to anime convention
>buy 200 packs of anime condoms
>go home
>fuck the hole in my matress I made with my katana (did you know they can stop bullets by splitting them in half? legit mythbusters even tested it)
>can feel my love goo about to shoot, I'm sweating ragu
>scream "HANAKOOOOO"
>cum a few ounces into the bottle at the bottom of the hole in the mattress
>bottle is full so I screw it shut and put it into my cabinet for preserving, for when the future civilization needs to clone the smartest people of our generation
>cry into my Yui Hirasawa pillow as I realize I'm one of the most intellectual people in the country while all the sheeple pray to their fake gods
>at least I still have naruto shippuden
User avatar #7364540 to #7364519 - vampireshy (01/07/2014) [-]
touch my face
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