Rollo 4: The Battle for Valhalla. Worth. Part 1: /Bar+adventures+please+read+description/funny-pictures/5130792/ Part 2: /Rollo+2+read+description/funny-picture Rollo beast Mode viking warrior VALHALLA odin aint Got shit
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Rollo 4: The Battle for Valhalla. Worth

Rollo 4: The Battle for Valhalla. Worth. Part 1: /Bar+adventures+please+read+description/funny-pictures/5130792/ Part 2: /Rollo+2+read+description/funny-picture

Part 1: /Bar+adventures+please+read+description/funny-pictures/5130792/
Part 2: /Rollo+2+read+description/funny-pictures/5131629/
Part 3: /Rollo+3.+The+shit+hits+the+fan/funny-pictures/5131817/

I wanted to post it tomorrow. **** it, I can't sleep without delivering this part. Here you go *******, enjoy!

Related to the end: if only Rollo will sing about him, not as
series betas stories shared.
This is the lest part of DUI’ Rollo. This action happens really two-
hours afterthe previous story.
Now let me tell you, before reading:
Gypsies are fucking asum. Niggers are like gipsies, only maybe a little
darker because of skin and dirt, but gip sies are pure garb age.
They don' t wash they don' t do anything but make the name of Romania
bad in all of Europe and World.
This is, the battle for Valhalla
shouts he will be back
is kind of shaken
He will be back, give me your phone"
out and starts calling the biker gang mentioned earlier
Yeah, that club, seme now."
passes, it gets quite dark
tee many clients since it' s Thurs day
inba There day
Quiker gang semes back
get off
Now let me say, this bar is held in high regards by all bikers in this
smalltown and even though little, we got many bikers.
seme in
Bats, Knives
ems ens brought a small are as well
it begins
gip nigger kid walking around
eking like he' s serieus into the bar
all look at him
pulls his pants down show us his pispis
lie in wait
The bar is bult quite ms sly into twe separate re ems. Up en entering,
you don' t see what is downstairs ner sen you see what it is the
Gypsies seme in
of them
bats & shovels
bikers seme out of nowhere
Now this is where the shit hits the fan.
Rememb er when I said that when he walks, the tsunami hits
fucking Jap an? Well, this is fucking it. He was charging.
srrs ems again as he lunges at 5 gip sies with fucking
bare arms (BEAR ARMS] at them
Rollo rears, Fenris sits the fuck down and stops
eating the Sun. Iiek i it q
Now at this point you will be like "OP why did you
pussy out oft?".
Simple - fl physic ally intervened, I would have been
fired er even verse - are ste d. Laws in Romania are pretty
simple: You attack - you are arrested. You defend
i. ' years elf- you are arrested. You do nothing - you get a
free trip Bubba the Butthole Blaster. In short, I was
bait- Helle' s orders.
sies lo eking back
never saw a man afraid in my life, fas e, midi
have seen seme shit
gip retuning and trips en the motorbikes
a eminems theas ands of sures worth of motorbikes
hohshit. jpg
chear this guy yell frem the bottom of Mysp elohim all
the way up Asgard and into Otitis ears: "YOU
at him with bat
chits him in the back of the gs
him down
ABASHES his gs
ABASHES his arms
bikers chase away all the gipsies
the same time Rollo caught this gypsy
Bleating the shit out with bear hands
cowered underneath Mount Rollo
ens point he just quits and we him and tells
say, gypsy do
Some white knight called the police and they
arrived pretty fast. Again, remember, this is net
USA with "I stand my ground" law and whatever.
No, here it is quite bad.
there, with fists red
Poolice arrives later
eke what happened
Weli ems er, you see, there was a small '',
misunderstanding" '
stands up If
Someone tried bum the bar down again,
across the street frem the bar there is a
park, infamous for rap e, violent e, gang war etc.
hid there waiting for the police ave
Cloris er lo eke up at em Viking waneer. No, I are
net shitting you, lo eking UP AT HIM
Helle' s leg is thicker than the ems ere terse
seme back
Across the street frem the bar, there is a park. It' s
infamous for rapes, murders & thefts happening
get out of the park
we ens, nothing
olice turns them
eke ifthey know what happened
lilo, but seme ens smashed em bikes!"
get en their bikes and leaves apart frem the
We don' t know what happened, ems er, really ,
we were in the park having dinner"
looks at the leader
Pleader leaves and waves away
looks at officer
3-" I assure you officer, we tried , buti am
in fear for my friend, Chris', life"
Riffic er ave s, says he will patrol the area
for the night
Then Helm looks at me and says it. I shit
you not, his words:
This man knew hew she er me up, make me feel proud of mys elf, he believed in me mere than
anybody ever did. He knew what say because he was there wheal baptized mys elf into nerds
religion. He cared ab out the whole world and wanted nothing mere than take sars of his
friends, asking in return only " er me when seme ens will need your help".
Lasta heard, he is become a father seen.
gaz@ J
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