Revenge is sweet. . Next time someone does this to you, don' t be okay.. Turn around, get a look at that ‘: license plate If you suck at memorizing, you need to
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Revenge is sweet

Next time someone
does this to you,
don' t be okay..
Turn around, get a look at that
************ ‘: license plate
If you suck at memorizing,
you need to quickly take a
pic or record yourself saying
the license plate. Buy a common item that doubles
as a device, Mission Impossible-
style. They' re not expensive nowadays.
Type REGNA and
then the license
plate, send to
2282. Or some
similar service if
you' re not
Then find that ******* s address on yellow pages, like
a Holmes.
Put on gloves, and start
ninjaing your way to his
house. Do this between 3
and it at night to avoid
witnesses, and to avoid
waking people up with the
Dexter music that' s gonna
play around you when you
do this.
Pick the lock to his
garage, or crawl in
a through an open space
lil somewhere.
If that doesn' t work, or if
you' re feeling really ballsy,
wait outside his garage during
the day, and sneak in and hide
while he' s parking. Then wait
until 4 at night.
Get the roll of plastic from
your backpack to tie the
car, so it can' t drive away,
and duct tape it so it can' t
honk for help.
Show it a picture of you
the day you got splashes
Then it' s time for
payback. -,
over the whole car
with rotten eggs and
toilet paper, while
laughing maniacally.
Activate your diversion, something
at the other side of town that will
draw a SWAT team immediately.
Like a speakers
blasting out Shania Twain.
Go to a secluded alley or some
remote place that you'
located beforehand, set your
stuff on fire, and drop it in the
sewers from a street.
Walk away in the tuxedo
you had under your ninja
suit, like James Bond, The
Shame Twain song
and police sirens behind you
are like fireworks
celebrating your victory.
It someone asks what
you are/ were doing
outside that night, say
you were awoken by
the chaos and went
out to check what it
was about.
When you get home, -
activate the robot you'
built that' s been posting on
facebook while you were
away, o give you alibi.
Study many years to
become a psychiatrist,
then get a job at the
mental hospital where
the ************ is
obviously still being
held, insaner than a
protagonist from an
P. Lovecraft novel
Mr. D. Saggerson, tel
me again, what had
happened to your car
that morning'? All these
years ago.
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#6 - dreamcast (10/22/2013) [-]
Alright then.
Alright then.
#5 - theblargypargler (10/22/2013) [-]
Anybody who did that probably didn't mean to, and you're getting so pissed off you make a rage comic?
#4 - jaevel (10/21/2013) [-]
Slow down on the ragefaces, will ya?
#3 - abject (10/21/2013) [-]
le figured it out face
User avatar #1 - srhkid ONLINE (10/21/2013) [-]
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