Remove pone. MLP fan leaves basement and get's ass kicked. Seems the hate spread to youtube too. Original vid: Hax Freed 4
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Remove pone

Remove pone. MLP fan leaves basement and get's ass kicked. Seems the hate spread to youtube too. Original vid: Hax Freed 4

MLP fan leaves basement and get's ass kicked.

Seems the hate spread to youtube too. Original vid:

Hax Freed 4 woken geleden
he thinks he' s badass just because he accidentally scored a headshot in Coll
Antwoord on dorberg on A
4 woken Medan
I think he is pretty badass.
chase Woodward 4 woken Medan
He is badass you MLP ********
28 If
3 woken Medan
28 If
3 woken geleden
kill yourself you brony faggot.
22 If
Hax Freed 3 woken geleden
the **** is going on here,
3 woken geleden
****** pony loving queer, your father must be ashamed ofyou.
18 If
3 woken geleden
f (vulgar insult towards person over their mlp avatar) #Thuglife
3 woken geleden (bemerkt)
i really hate this whole sign faggotry, but anyone who
isn' t a 12 year old girl or younger female doesn' t deserve the life they were given if
they watch MLP. males who watch the show are pretty much autism personified and
will never amount to anything. this douche bag doesn' t deserve the life he was given
if he watches MLP/ has it as his profile pic on any account.
T If
Lars Wilkerson 3 woken geleden
go back to putting your dick in a ponyboy- This kid would wreck **** anyday
Alec Dixon 3 woken geleden
Dont listen to the haters Flax, stick together. Let those not exposed to the magic of
friendship one day know how it feels.
Valry 3 woken geleden
So you dictate the worth of someone' s existance not based on
nor accomplishments in life, but cartoon shows they
Please kill yourself.
awesomesauce 3 woken Medan
something happened.
Hart Freed 3 woken geleden
it' s impressive how you can just randomly start a fight over the comment section just
by having a pony as your profile pic-
Daniel Ward 3 woken geleden
remove pone
This coming from a ponyfag- This ***** ****** your mom, your cereal, AND your
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Submitted: 07/13/2014
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#6 - kanedam (07/14/2014) [-]
i dont really get all the hate...
User avatar #3 - swagloon (07/13/2014) [-]
Just look at all that autism.
User avatar #2 - schnizel (07/13/2014) [+] (2 replies)
I still can't explain it to myself how people watch that digestive end product.
#1 - gypsydude (07/13/2014) [+] (1 reply)
The fathers Story..

The father wanted to get his kid out of his room for he never left that room, so the father bought COD so that one day he could tell his son that he loves him and misses him. One day the father joined a match with his son, but father did not know how to voice chat, so he took his sniper, and proceeded to write out "I love you" from across the map. But OH NO his son turned around a corner and took the bullet of fatherly love in the face. The father was heart broken to know that he had just pwnd his son in front of all his internet friends. Before the father could write sorry with bullets his son left the match. The father began to drink the pain away. He begins to let out his anger on facebook by making ten facebook profiles trying to apologize to his son for the sick kill, but each time he tried to write he had a seizure, and spazed out by writing mean things to his son. He tries over and over but to no effect. He passes out. Wakes up and looks at what he wrote...deep down inside of him he knows the truth...he whispers "My son is a digestive end product eating faggot." and writes one more thing with his massive hang over. He writes "remove pone"
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