Release the Kraken (For reals this time). lol, my other "Release the Kraken" was the wrong greentext anyway, enjoy this one as well, the real "Re greentext take 2 release the krak cockslap Liam Neeson

Release the Kraken (For reals this time)

lol, my other "Release the Kraken" was the wrong greentext

anyway, enjoy this one as well, the real "Release the Kraken" story

I Anonymous in ) ) 08: Replies:
Sc this is a stew that happened a while age, like 2 years, but it' s kinda epic I might as well tell we
sbe me, 1? ye and a salid mo (what deid me)
sstill virgin, had a Kewpie as but nething senses, tried **** like his
ham I' m with seine EMU really ceci chick, been with her fer about 5 months
as he' s a virgin tee, but with even less feeling amend experience that I have
Dane day decide man up and ibite her at my place. m parents far the weekend
sat meme arisen pick me up at 7 blah blah
sffa . jpg
spuddenly cut cf newhere get the best ******* idea ever
slump the movie stare, pick up the movie I wanted
rait' s clash cf the titans, It just had meme available en dvd atm
swatch it befire wing pick her up, still with that idea in my head
shut dawn the tht but net the dvd reader, ifs paused at the moment I stepped
ewe cerny back my place
age get seme beer, my dad deid me I cpuid drink seme but net with my
t really mind, net like has gene know
my starts get drunk slowly
sshe drunkest walks downstairs feom my mm, new in the living redem
her and cut the ******** , tell ht. srl want her
smhh I want we tee amen *goggies'
stuck shes dens
Instert kissing, getting really hut
essentually und up in eney pants, she' s in underwear
Heel a hand starting fundie fer my dick
srsly master plan can new activate
Hum en tht discretely, she meant nitice since image is slow Mme en
is at max
spull my dick cut and press play en the dvd player
Nelsen yelling RELEASE THE KRAKEN at like 1000000 decibels
skive my the most massive cockslap in history
sshe falls dawn the much and starts binning
smfw she dumped me
smfw it was worth it
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