Lightsabers could become reality!!!. Source: phys. Lightsabers could become reality!!! Source: www mnn com/green-tech/research-innovations/stories/lightsabers-could-become-reality-after-incredible-physics phys
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Lightsabers could become reality!!!

Lightsabers could become reality after
incredible physics breakthrough
Scientists have learned how to make photons bind together to form 'solid light,
technology similarly that used in lightsabers from the Star Wars' movies.
By Bryan Nelson
sat, Sep so 2013 at Louis PM q . 29 Til
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To the dismay of "Star Wars" fans everywhere, physicists have long cried foul about
the science of building lightsabers. According to conventional physics, photons
don' t behave like regular particles of matter. They are massless particles, and can' t
interact with one another. It' s therefore impossible to build anything out of light with a
solid structure, such as a lightsaber.
But a breakthrough new discovery from researchers at the Center for
Atoms could change everything, according to Phis. org. They have discovered
how to make individual photons interact and bind together into molecular structures.
Not only does this represent a whole new state of matter, but these light molecules
can potentially be shaped to form solid structures - in other words, lightsabers!
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User avatar #2 - lieutenantbuzzkill
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Doesn't matter to me, even if it does exist , i couldn't afford that ****.
#1 - thepizzadevourer
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(10/01/2013) [-]
I always enjoy how when Star Wars shows up in content, all the fans come out of the woodwork.