Real Story Behind Ferguson Riots. . Young cherubic Matt Brawn and his childhood chums were heading lathe corner stare to purchase seme fudge fem family picnic b official naacp Crime Record
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Real Story Behind Ferguson Riots

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Young cherubic Matt Brawn and his childhood chums were heading lathe corner stare to purchase seme fudge fem family picnic before he left fer college to become a brain surgeon.
Gee pals, it sure it a great daal" he said jovially as little forest animals trailed behind him.
Meanwhile, mean nasty old Officer , a renowned Klansman and member of the NRA, was fuming mad as he patrolled the streets of Ferguson, thumbing the safety on and eff his , - Desert
FUCK man, I fuckin' hate niggers! We should round them up and sheet them! Gaahl" he exclaimed while sipping illegal moonshine from his hip flask while leaking for kittens and puppies to run ever-
Meanwhile, at the neighberhood Comicstrip, young, handsome, Matt Brown was about to feast upon some skittles when he spotted an old weman across the street struggling with her groceries.
EBay, friends, that elderly woman is in need of help!" He shouted, instantly rising lathe call of civic duty like any good American citizen.
Brown began to rush across the street (looking both ways first, of counsel) to aid the old woman and do his part as an upstanding member of the community.
alas, Officer Goeth was speeding dawn the road, and had to stomp an the breaks to avoid him, if only to amid getting his paycheck docked by Internal Affairs fer driving under the influence.
Goddammn it, that fuckin porch mankey! Hey, BOYA Git outta the fuckin road, nigger!" He roared, furious for having dropped his hip flask ta avoid running over a filthy Congolese
Sir, i' ll let you know that i am an established and respected member of my communitys" Matt Brownies patiently explained to the SS toffifee.
Zimmerman could not fathom how insulted he was, by a NIGGER extent The sheer thought of being lectured by a mongrel made his bleed bell. This would net stand. He would avenge his wounded pride!
veiny, hands sweating, seeing red, he exited his car, drew his Desert Eagle assault pistol and took aim at the blameless urban youth.
GET THE FUCK ON THE SIDEWALK YOU FUCKING " hollered the psychotic white supremacist officer, twirling his handlebar mustache with his free hand.
I' m not meaning to awed, but you may be acting outside the aaw..." Doctor Brown meekly Hammered, trying to keep his composure in the face of Institutionalized Digression.
SHUT THE FUCK UP MELON " yelled the cretinous Grand Wizard. As the entire neighberhood steed in muted harras and shock at this wanton display of racism, he kicked St. Michael to the ground and performed a
Mozambique Drill an the defenseless future Nobel Peace Prize winner.
Cyw. 54 77
Chocolate fell backwards, arms splayed ta his sides not unlike his predecessor, Jesus Christ of Nazareth (who was also black).
he finally drifted out of consciousness, his last thaughts an his loving family and his wonderful community, he heard the voice of Martin Luther King himself calling him home, seeing as his work on Earth was done.
Officer Lucifer stood for same time, laughing maniacally as he watched the life of his innocent victim snuff out. He spat an and kicked his corpse and his cockguzzling police cruiser. He kept cackling like a madman as he sped
oft past several red lights, looking far a hospital of sick orphans to shoot up and blame an gang violence.
ale that precise moment, President Obama felt an agonizing pain on his chest and fell ta his knees, weeping in silence. Deep in his heart, he knew that another of his beloved sons had been slain by the all white patriarchy.
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