(Read Description). This is my favorite screenshot from Arkham Origins. ERHMAGEHRD ITS BERTMEN. arkham origins scrrenshots
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Here's a quick transparency just because.
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>Batman's reaction when that dude makes that face.   
 I don't know who he is and I've never played the game, soz.
>Batman's reaction when that dude makes that face.

I don't know who he is and I've never played the game, soz.
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His actual reaction.
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Garry's Mod ftw!

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<-wallpaper screenshot if anyone wants.
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SPOILER: Opinions on this game? I thought it was very well done, the missions and graphics were ******* sweet, but there was one thing that kinda bummed me out; the black mask twist. I knew the joker was going to be huge int he game, but why couldn't they just give black mask his own part? You know? He never actually WORE THE ******* MASK HIS NAME IS AFTER. He's my favorite batman villain, and this game gave him 0 justice. Everything else was cool though, that just pissed me off.
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I didn't like how much they built up the assassins.
Electricutioner I think that's how it's spelled gets one kick in the face, and goes down. Later the joker kills him. I don't like not getting a proper fight with him. I really ******* hated the fact that Deathstroke was built up to be some kind of badass in the trailers, and he gets taken down in your first encounter with him. Deadshot's battle was just a rehash of the Catwoman vs Two Face fight in her Arkham City arc. It was pointless to advertise Killer Croc as an assassin when you take him down at the beginning, and never see him again. You don't see Shiva until after the main story ends. I wasn't a fan of how you had to walk slow in the build up to Copperhead's battle. The battle wasn't bad, I just didn't like it's build up. I liked the scale of Firefly's Fight, but I wish that your hand wasn't held through the dang thing. Bane's fights were repetitive. I liked the Joker, but I was not a fan they they had him take over Black Mask's gang. I also hated that they built up Black Mask as the main villain, but it turns out that it was the Joker, and that they only threat that the real Black Mask poses is in an optional side mission.
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The ghosts from call of duty don't take their job too seriously anymore...
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What if he just has a cleft lip?
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Cue sad music - "For only 15 cents a month, you too can help batman in his goal of removing cleft palate from the citizens of gotham city. Are you a hero?"
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Poor man only turned to crime because he was made fun of for his hare lip.
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I love the guy standing behind batman who's waving at the camera
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That's not a separate guy, that's Batman's bat-arm. It comes out of his shoulder pad and does bat-arm related tasks.
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Obviously related to the scout.
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you say Whhhaaattt?
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