Read Desc.. I read the Silmarillion this week, took me long enough to actually get to it. Anybody wish to discuss it now?. HEB ' iitt got there, . ttiimm tta th Tokien silmarillion Melkor feanor
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User avatar #1 - kosicandavid
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(06/09/2014) [-]
I read Silmarillion as a kid and I truly cannot remember much from it....Can you please explain this so I can remember?
User avatar #2 to #1 - killerjhtwo
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(06/09/2014) [-]
Basically Feanor was a master craftsman(Elf?) and he took the light of the trees of Valinor (The undying lands) before they were marred by Melkor (Morgoth) and fashioned them into three jewels, the Silmarils. But later on in middle earth Morgoth and the Elves got into a few scraps and Morgoth ended up taking the 3 Silmarils and mounted them in a crown.
User avatar #3 - killerjhtwo
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(06/09/2014) [-]
I read the silmarillion as a pre-teen and didn't really understand much of it. But after getting the extended edition LoTR box set for christmas and watching it, I decided I actually wanted to read the Silmarillion properly. So I got it, as well as The Children of Hurin (Which in retrospect I should've read first because the silmarillion gives the plot away) and I read it properly. I love it. Good book, now I need to actually sort out getting my own LoTR and Hobbit instead of pinching my dad's.