Random amazing Facts Compilatio. Source: factspocket.com/. Some Hiroshima survivors grew "black " which were strange fingernails that contained active blood ves
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Random amazing Facts Compilatio

Some Hiroshima survivors grew "black "
which were strange fingernails that
contained active blood vessels and bleed profusely
when they broke off.
In a housing experiment that moved Families From poor
neighborhoods to wealthier ones, boys experienced PTSD
rates comparable to those of combat soldiers, while
psychological improved For girls.
Art Scholl the pilot hired to do in Flight camera work For
Top Gun died Filming the scene leading to Goose' s death.
His plane spun through its recovery altitude, at which
time he radioed ''I have a problem... I have a real
problem". The film is dedicated to his memory.
Stephen King wrote the book Misery as a **** you
to his Fans who complained about The Eyes of the
Dragon, which was written For his children, not
being a horror book.
in 2013 a female professor gave a public lecture on men' s issues
at the University of Ottawa. She was repeatedly interrupted by
a group about 30 students shouting and blasting horns, The
talk was moved to another room, but somebody pulled the Fire
alarm, which effectively shut it down.
corn, exacts)' ocker f/
One of the poorest countries on earth, The Gambia,
is a hotbed For Female sex tourism. Wealthy older
European woman seeking out young African men is
the country' s main attraction.
Factsjunk' e/ Rib
A chimp in Cl Swedish zoo collected round disks of
concrete, stockpiled them, and saved them until he could
throw them at visitors. "Nothing like it has as yet been
reported from the wild, nor from any captive
chimpanzee [F
Beachgoers were stunned when an
extremely rare and unusual looking
Cannibal fish" washed ashore in
North Carolina.
The Thumbelina is the world' s smallest
horse, the little horse was born to Paul and Kay
Gosselini, who specialize in breeding miniature horses,
but even For the breed Thumbelina is particularly small:
she is thought to be a of the breed. At
just 60 lb and tall.
A cat named Poppy hailing
from Bournemouth, England, was
crowned the world' s oldest living cat,
taking the Guinness World Record.
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#1 - cleanmouth (07/09/2014) [+] (11 replies)
It was ******** from the first one. Radiation mutates the genes of gametocytes, which make the babies born from those gametocytes have corrupted DNA. It doesn't just magically give blood vessels to your fingernails.
User avatar #19 - zaxzwim ONLINE (07/10/2014) [-]
i call bull **** on the cat one, my nanas cat was well older than that, she got the cat about 20 years ago and before that he was alive atleast 5 years. I can guess that other cats were older than that even just from people on FJ
User avatar #16 - goldensage (07/10/2014) [-]
im not ******** you guys my cat is 28 and ****** Guinness takes so damn long that I think she might die before they respond
User avatar #15 - meganinja ONLINE (07/10/2014) [-]
Well **** , my cat's 19 years old. Just hold out longer kitty!
User avatar #2 - ajrin (07/09/2014) [+] (3 replies)
**ajrin rolls 45** lol dubs
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