Random Tales of Bangles: Sarvaell Fail. in this episode of Random Tales Sarvaell is driven to drinking by his constant failure!!!. Randam Tales of Bangles: the  random tales of Bangles DnD roleplay funny Failure crit miss
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Random Tales of Bangles: Sarvaell Fail

in this episode of Random Tales Sarvaell is driven to drinking by his constant failure!!!

Randam Tales of Bangles: the Drinker
travels ahead of group to scout and do scout stuff
a locked grate covering a tunnel in a wall
to pull the grate out of the wall
rolls a lo, fails
he has 5 Ioc: epicks, and a plus 12 to thieving
Tories to lockpick
rolls a 2, fails, and breaks lockpick
Tories again
rolls a 3, fail, broke pick
Tories again
rolls a 1, fails, hurts hand, broken pick
Tories again, very frustrated by now
rolls 5, failing, but slightly less this time
my , as I was very lucky with rolls that day
rolls a 1, and looks like he is about to start crying
eh. I will give you two more tries at this! you manage to work a broken pick into a useable one
takes two dutys from other players, rolls both at once, using a cup to roll like with Yahtzee
Now, some people get streaks of bad luck, but none as bad as what happened in that moment
He lifts the cup dramatically, hoping for anything above a measily 6 (DC to pick lea)...
Two Ls
iparty later finds sitting by the grate, crying, and Bangles offers him some ale, which he drinks, a let
appends next 30 minutes of game in drunken character
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Submitted: 07/15/2014
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#1 - funkycow (07/16/2014) [-]
If I was DM at that point i would say that he fails so bad he breaks the lock and it will never function again.
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