Racial achievements. Beavers > .. the picture you showed for "whites" is Rome. Rome is not built by white people, but "bronze" skinned Mediterranean people, and ancestor-wise Racial achievements Beavers > the picture you showed for "whites" is Rome not built by white people but "bronze" skinned Mediterranean and ancestor-wise
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User avatar #1 - ariplayer
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the picture you showed for "whites" is Rome.
Rome is not built by white people, but "bronze" skinned Mediterranean people, and ancestor-wise, Greek and Turkish people are even closer to Romans than "white people". in fact, even the Jews and Palestinians are closer to Romans than the "white people". Romans very very rarely had blonde people and they were all bronze skinned with black hair and had big ass, long ass, noses. in fact, the average Moroccan male would look more like a roman than the average German/Dutch/Scandinavian (i don't know what you are trying to say with "white"). the Romans even invaded "white" places occupied by early German tribes.

with white people you wanna show an old viking settlement or some Germanic tribe settlement.

and oh, about Rome: Romans didn't speak of race or color they only cared whether you were Roman or not, if not you were a filthy barbarian. result of this is that in all these early places the Romans captured (like Palestine and north Africa (Egypt and Morocco being the main thing) along with some Iraq and some middle east) intermarriage happened. the Romans occupied Germanic places (read: white places) much and much later than they occupied those other, darker places.

if the average male Roman would walk in Alabama he would be called a "filthy **********", since they looked more middle eastern than white.
#3 to #1 - klutzyspy
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he is named whiteglory, so i dont think he counts people from southern europe as "white" ;)
User avatar #4 to #1 - mcginley
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So, you're saying whites worked smart instead of hard?

#6 - kuchikirukia
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#2 - theblargypargler
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The Africans didn't build all that because they didn't need They had pretty much everything they needed to live, so if you asked one to build something like a temple, they'd probably say-
User avatar #5 - iforgetwhattosay
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if it works, why change it?