Puppet Lube. Sorry it's small...just enlarge it. x]. 2 of 13 people found the following review helpful Puppets Love It, November 1, 2012 By Steve Skidmark"" - S Anal lube
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Puppet Lube

Sorry it's small...just enlarge it. x]

Tags: Anal | lube
2 of 13 people found the following review helpful
Puppets Love It, November 1, 2012
By Steve Skidmark"" - See all my reviews
This review is foorty. Anal Lube- aae [Health and Beauty]
In response to some of the negative comments regarding my initial review of this product, I' elected to rewrite it for the sake of clarity.
Let me note at the outset, that I am NOT using this product for it' s intended purpose; that purpose being anal lubrication.
I use this lube in my role as professional puppeteer, to provide easier access to the interior of the puppets with whom I work. The goal is to reduce unpleasant chafing for both myself and my colleagues. In
the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that my motivation is to reduce the frequency and severity of the actionable complaints filed against me by the Hand Puppet Service Workers Union #3502.
These complaints are starting to have a pretty negative impact on my cash flow. I fully admit to having a much larger than average hand and forearm, for which I' issued a formal apology to both my co-
workers and their union. Our recent agreement mandates a more ergonomic and less threatening work environment that privileges the health and of the puppets whenever possible, Enter
Anal Lube, which promises to smooth things out between modern puppeteers and the puppet labor lobby, whose competing interests tend to create a great deal of friction.
I expect to see an additional benefit of this product, that being a reduction in phone calls to Health and Human Service offices. I can' t tell you how many times I' had to explain myself to representatives
of that agency. Frankly, they just don' t get it. Proper lubrication, thanks to , avoids most of these unpleasant entanglements with government authorities and is more enjoyable for both myself
AND the puppets.
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