Punny youtube comments. Go ahead complete the list inb4 don't tell me what to do Print screen of the comment section of the youtube page www.youtube.com/watch?v youtube puns
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Punny youtube comments

Go ahead complete the list

inb4 don't tell me what to do

Print screen of the comment section of the youtube page www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLKnp5mjaSI#t=92

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comentarios em destaice
Ba rhett E horas adres
I did not sea that coming.
Responder . ahrd .
Harms f', horas was
You just sunk to a new level
Responder . 583 .* if
Jesse Carpenter e?. heme was
You guys are just going overboard with all these sinking ship puns.
Responder . 554. __- em res; -sets a Naruto Uzumaki
De rcn EERDWS 5 horas adres
I' m warning you, you' re on thin ice,
Responder . 513 .
Jack Watts t horas aims
I' m drowning in all the puns.
Responder . 447" if
Ceilim, 4 heme adres
You shore you can' t come up with a better pun?
Responder . 39?. __- em res; -sets a Jack Watts
Davide PF I' horas adres
I' m tired of all this ship
Was P, horas was
What' s with the wave of puns?
wheras atras
Water we doing with our lives?
Andrew Normand 2 horas adres
I sink these puns are just terrible.
2 horas adres
Cant you think of any rudder way to spend your time?
embitters 1 here was
What am I going to do a boat these bad puns?
Responder . 70 I '. em resposts e
I here adres
Guys we' re floating off topic again
102 .. '. .. em resposts e splutters
4: minute was
Everyone i think it is time to re sink our ideas
Responder . 46 . em resonate a
29 minute adres
is that yacht you calla good pun!
Responder . as . em rest: -nests
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Submitted: 10/17/2013
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User avatar #4 - possiblydominator (10/18/2013) [-]
I saw this content a few hours ago with the still frame of the actual video, which I think was one of the cyanide and happiness videos
#3 - anonymous (10/18/2013) [-]
Just imagine if the video was about something like banana pudding.
User avatar #2 - khzfrost (10/17/2013) [-]
They just get worse and worse....and worse and worse....
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