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User avatar #33 - metalcoldreaper (02/11/2014) [-]
Except working out weakens your body if you do it far too much. Silly OP didn't read that Comp

Needs to be a balance. An hour walk a day or something.
#34 to #33 - Elemental (02/11/2014) [-]
That's why you rotate what you do. You can do light cardio on a rest day.
User avatar #35 to #34 - metalcoldreaper (02/11/2014) [-]
I just do **** around my house, "Hm, floors a little dirty..Guess i'll vacuum!" "Oh, Theres a bunch of crap here. Guess i'll move it and put it away."

So far. My body is decent. Ain't hercules, Ain't the next contestant of biggest loser.
#36 to #35 - Elemental (02/11/2014) [-]
While I commend you on not being lazy, when it comes to professions that require over powering other people and long shifts as implied by the content, that won't cut the cake.
User avatar #42 to #36 - metalcoldreaper (02/11/2014) [-]
I use to work in fast food a few years back. I was slightly more curvy then. Them thin bastards ain't got nothing on me. Cept with dishes. I hate dishes.

But yeah with overpowering people n **** like boxing etc, sometimes it can yeah.
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