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User avatar #3 - penileburglar (01/31/2014) [-]
How... How is this even remotely evil?

#13 to #3 - anonymous (01/31/2014) [-]
You're one serious guy.
User avatar #5 to #3 - ryuggu (01/31/2014) [-]
>You want badly some ice cream
>Some people give free ice creams on the street
>Omg so nice
>You get mashed potatoes
>Now what?
User avatar #6 to #5 - penileburglar (01/31/2014) [-]

I don't see where, in the content, it implies any of that is happening.
User avatar #10 to #6 - ryuggu (01/31/2014) [-]
Well, i just used my imagination. If you had some, you could maybe do the same.
#16 to #10 - agentosama (01/31/2014) [-]
Its used for display.
User avatar #12 to #10 - penileburglar (01/31/2014) [-]
Okay... And that's fine. However, we can't read your mind, dear. All I see is creatively-presented mashed potatoes. Chefs love doing quirky things like making a hot meat-and-potatoes dish look like an ice cream sundae. Nothing evil about it, it's pretty cool, and very imaginative.

That's like posting a picture of a knife and saying the knife is evil. What if it's used for cooking? To chop food at a soup kitchen?
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