Pot heads. . My parents have never caught me smoking handshake's? viii' ll , l their 'iii,',. pic related
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Pot heads

Tags: Pot Heads
My parents have never
caught me smoking
handshake's? viii' ll , l
their 'iii,',
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Submitted: 06/18/2014
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#7 - mpghbombsaway (06/19/2014) [+] (4 replies)
pic related
#1 - flyingfeces (06/19/2014) [+] (10 replies)
People who are high make for the funniest conversations
#2 - ashedust (06/19/2014) [+] (3 replies)
You know what OP? Go go eat a fleshy banana.    
When I have kids, I'm going to make up some stupid handshake that I'll do with my kid every night just to spite you.
You know what OP? Go go eat a fleshy banana.

When I have kids, I'm going to make up some stupid handshake that I'll do with my kid every night just to spite you.
#5 - kaboozle123 (06/19/2014) [+] (12 replies)
first i ever drank a drop of alcohol was the same time i smoked pot for the first time. got stoned and majorly ****** up and i woke up in a tent covered in 11 party pack tacos. i say 11 because at one point i ate one of them. from what i can remember and photos there were moments where all 4 of us guys were pissing on some fence, looked like some album cover. the one girl somehow got a huge bruise on her arm and looked like some badass fight club type girl. all of us warmed our genitals over the fire.

rum and whiskey man. ******* great
#19 - I Am Monkey (06/19/2014) [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #24 - nyxie (06/19/2014) [+] (4 replies)
Once I had a dream I was drinking like a ton of alcohol. It burned so much and it tasted horrible. But I kept drinking it for some reason.
I already told myself I would never drink the stuff, but that dream just made me hate it more. Ech
User avatar #26 to #24 - theguywhoaskswhy (06/19/2014) [-]
Perhaps the alcohol in your dream was a symbol for your personality?
And your having to continually drink it even though it disgusted you was a metaphor for everyone in your vicinity being choked by your sickening, venomous character?
Just saiyan, dreams can be ambiguous.
User avatar #31 - cannibalvegan (06/19/2014) [+] (12 replies)
*cannibalvegan rolls 999,999,999*
#32 to #31 - anonymous (06/19/2014) [-]
nice try faggot
User avatar #4 - djcoldcutz (06/19/2014) [-]
My dad had the same expectation of me that his parents had of him: "If you come home late, you might be in trouble. If I have to get out of bed to find out you came home late, you'll definitely be in trouble."

So I generally give my parents good night handshakes every night to be safe.
#22 - anonymous (06/19/2014) [-]
>be me
>get high
>getting really hungry
>open refrigerator
>see that I am out of cheese
>do a small nazi salute and say "Heil Hitler" loudly
>close refrigerator. Laugh my aqss of because I have no idea why I did it
User avatar #18 - vipersixtyfour (06/19/2014) [+] (1 reply)
Ah, man... Buddy of mine was at an Olive Garden high out of his mind the other night. He ordered 2 entrees and cleaned them both off, along with salad and like 5 breadsticks. He got to dessert and ordered the cheescake. The waiter said, "you know that's for two people." My buddy says to him, "I know. Please bring it to me." Keep in mind he has piled about 4 plates in front of him. Finishes the cheesecake off, not a crumb anywhere in front of this dude.
TL;DR: being high makes you eat everything in sight
User avatar #37 - indone (06/19/2014) [+] (4 replies)
I would.

Am I not a sober person? I've never used alcohol or any kind of drug.
User avatar #41 to #37 - mrfartypants (06/19/2014) [-]
you should go outside sometimes i have once it was glorious
#12 - kinginyellow (06/19/2014) [-]
One time I grabbed my bike key thinking it was the house key, and had to awkwardly ring the doorbell at midnight and try to just shuffle by with the least amount of talking or eye contact. I think my parents knew but really just don't care unless I've done something really horrible while high, and the worst I've done is skinned my knee getting out of a friend's car.
#64 - hashtronaut (06/19/2014) [-]
when i lived over there it was basically nothing but mary's aroma and music coming from my area the whole time anyway so... it wasn't exactly a secret
#54 - anonymous (06/19/2014) [+] (3 replies)
Never understood why someone would want to be stupid. Doesn't really make sense to me. Being dumb isn't attractive.
User avatar #21 - ilikeweed ONLINE (06/19/2014) [-]
this one time when i was 16 or 17. i forget. i got really high smoking out of my friends bong. and i tripped and got stabbed in my hand by a steel broom that was broken in half.

good times.
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