Possibly repost. /channel/4chan/whoever+is+making+these+cracks+me+up/rGnBLeT/16#16 in a nutshell these are not mine but they are pretty funny. W" MI may i leban computer tech it comp
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Possibly repost

W" MI may i lebanonymous '_'. iih' 21 on No 53793940
WHAT I' M Milli‘. mm med by my Dad to do " 1 know very we about " haves games These we my " sums
be Wm day
woman asks me m can ms( the Latest delsym or adobe made!
wok ya x gowns
We a has
Wow you' We compute! espen"
wen you know
Asked to mpm adam \ s
Rigel adam \ s
try adam password
mm yum ah cusp samefags on mm the serve! he mm bx '
3 months was we WI deem Nye adobe made!
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