Police kill people. Here is an link to the episode: seekcartoon.com/watch/11612-powerpuff-girls-305-b-cop-out.html#.U-OA4vmSyuQ Because he isn't responsible eno
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Police kill people

Here is an link to the episode: seekcartoon.com/watch/11612-powerpuff-girls-305-b-cop-out.html#.U-OA4vmSyuQ

Because he isn't responsible enough to be a police but he's responsible enough to carry a firearm.

Also, why was there still price tags on his stuff? Like in his apartment. What's up with that?

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Submitted: 08/07/2014
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#3 - theroflcer (08/07/2014) [+] (7 replies)
#4 - kingderps (08/07/2014) [+] (30 replies)
Countries with more guns have less violent crime.
#7 to #4 - buffalogriller ONLINE (08/07/2014) [-]
countries with fewer criminals have less crime.
#1 - xxxsonic fanxxx (08/07/2014) [-]
he telling him to kill himself
#10 - gayboard (08/07/2014) [+] (1 reply)
Damn straight.
#14 - damitfel (08/08/2014) [+] (6 replies)
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#61 - rektmate has deleted their comment [+] (9 replies)
User avatar #63 to #61 - lazaman (08/08/2014) [-]
Stop trying to be /b/.
User avatar #26 - lyiat (08/08/2014) [+] (5 replies)
Police officers typically keep their sidearm after they leave the force, especially in stations that require the officer to purchase their own equipment (including sidearm).
User avatar #91 - turbodoosh (08/08/2014) [+] (3 replies)
Is this Powerpuff girls?
#92 to #91 - dankeshein (08/08/2014) [-]
No, it's team fortress 2
User avatar #78 - capslockrage (08/08/2014) [-]
This might be funny if it wasn't some baseless ******** that isn't close to being true or relatable.
User avatar #20 - citruslord ONLINE (08/08/2014) [+] (10 replies)
As if an officer would ever actually be penalized for anything.
User avatar #45 to #43 - citruslord ONLINE (08/08/2014) [-]
I'm referring the the numerous times when police officers have killed homeless civilians and gotten away with paid leave.
User avatar #95 - Conquistador (08/08/2014) [+] (1 reply)
>Some random lunatic cop does something stupid.
>"omg we liv en a polees st8!"
>Not realizing if it weren't for cops, violence would be out of control.
>Not realizing most gun related crimes are committed with illegally purchased weapons from the black market.
User avatar #59 - friendlyanonymous (08/08/2014) [-]
But any firearm that is registered as a work firearm is taken back once you are either kicked out or you resign. Why?
Simply because you said it was a WORK firearm. Once you no longer have that job, they go straight to asking "Well, why do you actually need this firearm now? You no longer use it for this job."
That's why you list your reason for getting a firearm as "Personal Collection."
#58 - xxxsonic fanxxx (08/08/2014) [+] (1 reply)
how is he holding his gun?
User avatar #69 to #58 - leonhardt (08/08/2014) [-]
With his hand, stupid
User avatar #39 - TopDawg (08/08/2014) [+] (13 replies)
When you become an officer in the United States you are given a budget by the state you become an officer of, for a sidearm and uniform, the uniform the station picks out for you and you take the remainder to purchase a sidearm that you are comfortable with using as long as it meets the stations guidelines. At least, that's how I remember it. Feel free to correct me if you know more.
User avatar #27 - feelythefeel (08/08/2014) [+] (3 replies)
I'd hate to think of the crimes against humanity he had to commit to actually be punished for something.
#2 - elpinguinloco (08/07/2014) [+] (2 replies)
Dai lai lufti de santra megido!
User avatar #31 to #2 - theghostrider (08/08/2014) [-]
Muh nostalgia. ;_;

Easily one of the best villains. He actually won, he should have killed the girls when he had the chance.
#103 - huntergriff ONLINE (08/08/2014) [-]
#102 - TsuBeepo (08/08/2014) [-]
**TsuBeepo rolled image** ex cops face when
**TsuBeepo rolled image** ex cops face when
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