Pokemon original. . Ash' s on inal Six Still with Ash and will most likely Rejoined Squad, remain with him until either dies leading them as chief firefighter N
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Pokemon original

Ash' s on inal Six
Still with Ash and will most likely
Rejoined Squad, remain with him until either dies
leading them as chief firefighter
Now a Charizard, training in
the Charita's Valley
Now a . protecting its
prior evolutions from Fearow
in the 1/ liftin Forest
Back at to In lab, most likely
being sap taped by Heracross
Somewhere herring nonstop
we willie another Butterfree
that' s pink
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Submitted: 01/30/2014
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#13 - haqq (01/30/2014) [+] (24 replies)
stickied by lotengo
What about caterpie?
#2 - kiwirulestwo ONLINE (01/30/2014) [-]
The worst part is that the female butterfree was pink
A shiny butterfree isn't even pink
god damn it ash you had every opportunity to catch it for a rare ass pokemon as well as a sex slave for butterfree so he wouldn't have to go
#53 to #2 - John Cena (01/31/2014) [-]
no duplicates
#100 to #2 - lametitan ONLINE (01/31/2014) [-]
He was extremely close to having a legendary

Ash managed to rescue a Meloetta he found in the wild that ended up following him for a few episodes becoming extremely attached hinting a good chance of capture but however they later encountered its true owner which took her back.
#136 to #100 - meatygoodness (01/31/2014) [-]
why's it giving him those bedroom eyes
#38 to #2 - John Cena (01/31/2014) [-]
Butterfree was the only shiney I ever got (aside from RG ofc).

Caught it in crystal in the bug catching contest. I didn't even know what shineys were. I just thought it was weird that my caterpie was golden.
#42 to #2 - nibbero (01/31/2014) [-]
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#63 to #42 - swegyolo **User deleted account** (01/31/2014) [-]
Stop. Stop being a casual. "OhOOHOO SOMETHING RELATED TO DARK SOULS, BETTER POST A PIC OF SOLAIRE OUT OF ALL THE CHARACTERS!". Sit the **** down you annoying cunt,
#89 to #82 - John Cena (01/31/2014) [-]
Im not going to be that much of an ass but yes he does have a point. I was on funnyjunk for about a month then i hear pewDIEpie was playing it then all of a sudden dark souls and solaire everywhere

>first rant
User avatar #99 to #89 - xxhadesflamesxx (01/31/2014) [-]
He does have a point but he is being a huge ass about it and its not as big as deal as he makes it out to be
User avatar #62 to #2 - shenanidingus (01/31/2014) [-]
At least he caught a shiny Noctowl. (Or whatever that owl pokemon was)
User avatar #8 to #2 - unknownmercury (01/30/2014) [-]
Didn't it belong to another trainer who was doing the same thing as Ash?
User avatar #40 to #8 - letting (01/31/2014) [-]
Yes, yes it did.

Not sure if that technically counts as a total release, but it did have another trainer, as shown in the episode.
User avatar #97 to #40 - pastamaster (01/31/2014) [-]
Yup. I'd say it counts. Ask could have totally caught that bitch.
User avatar #9 to #8 - kiwirulestwo ONLINE (01/30/2014) [-]
I don't think so
User avatar #10 to #2 - joshofsouls (01/30/2014) [-]
Actually, I believe that butterfree was from the place with the pink fruit, where pokemon are commonly found to turn pink after consuming it.
User avatar #11 to #10 - kiwirulestwo ONLINE (01/30/2014) [-]
I like this theory
User avatar #12 to #11 - joshofsouls (01/30/2014) [-]
I do too, it makes it a lot sweeter to imagine.
#3 - include (01/30/2014) [-]
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User avatar #16 to #3 - fiora ONLINE (01/30/2014) [-]
whats this episode/movie
#19 to #16 - jaguarkiller (01/30/2014) [-]
Pokemon: The Origins
User avatar #30 to #3 - shadowkingdr (01/31/2014) [-]
then mewtwo uses his mega and simply look at the other one and kills him
User avatar #88 to #3 - fatspartan (01/31/2014) [-]
This rustles my jimmies on two aspects. One: Mewtwo being thrown around like a rag doll like that. Two, HE WAS CAUGHT WITH A GODDAMN ULTRA BALL back in my day, he refused to be caught by anything but the Master Ball
#105 to #88 - imagebandetector (01/31/2014) [-]
I caught Mewtwo my first time with an ultra ball because I used my master ball on a pidgey; I wasn't a smart child.
#129 to #105 - xxmemosxx (01/31/2014) [-]
I, on the other hand, was a smart child. I saved my masterball for the most powerful pokémon in the pokéworld... Magikarp
#132 to #129 - John Cena (01/31/2014) [-]
Not the only one! Mine was gol' ***** . Can't beat dat.
User avatar #22 to #3 - Encarna (01/30/2014) [-]
As much as I want to see this, I don't want to see Mewtwo get his ass kicked. He must forever remain the badass from the prior movies.
User avatar #27 to #22 - priestoftheoldones (01/31/2014) [-]
Take in mind that's a mega charizard, going toe-to-toe with that makes you a bad ass.
User avatar #18 - Nihatclodra (01/30/2014) [-]
I just realized that the pink butterfree is essentially a super-shiny...
User avatar #26 - jonathankitty (01/30/2014) [-]
"Somewhere having nonstop sex with another Butterfree that's pink." God I hope that's the last thing my friends think that happened to me if I vanish one day.

Yes, with a Butterfree.
User avatar #29 to #26 - Sethorein (01/31/2014) [-]
I intend to leave this world the same way I entered it.

Naked, screaming, and covered in someone else's blood.
User avatar #31 to #29 - jonathankitty (01/31/2014) [-]
So then heroine addiction?

Or some drug that'll end like that.
#54 to #31 - catsniffer (01/31/2014) [-]
Bath salts, dude
Bath salts.
User avatar #32 to #31 - Sethorein (01/31/2014) [-]
...gotta wonder how a heroin addict gets covered in someone else's blood...
User avatar #34 to #32 - misterusername ONLINE (01/31/2014) [-]
trying to score more heroin
#35 to #34 - jonathankitty (01/31/2014) [-]
You're right actually.
#83 - kegget (01/31/2014) [-]
Seeing a pink butterfree on that episode made me spazz out when i was a little girl
Seeing a pink butterfree on that episode made me spazz out when i was a little girl
#108 to #83 - comradewinter ONLINE (01/31/2014) [-]
Me too.

First ******* shiny I see, and I can't catch it.
User avatar #139 to #108 - squilliams (01/31/2014) [-]
Shiny butterfree's don't look like that.
#7 - John Cena (01/30/2014) [-]
false, charizard rejoined ashes group in episode 834
#24 to #7 - neostar (01/30/2014) [-]
True, but this was probably made before that episode.
#39 to #7 - lockechere (01/31/2014) [-]
Charizard is no longer with Ash and is now back at Oak's lab.
User avatar #87 to #7 - fatspartan (01/31/2014) [-]
Didn't they do this for the whole "Mega Evolution" thing
User avatar #37 to #7 - ningyoaijin (01/31/2014) [-]
Most people stopped caring after like 200 episodes.
User avatar #107 to #37 - lotengo ONLINE (01/31/2014) [-]
I stopped caring when they started looking like neopets
#44 to #7 - thebaseballexpert (01/31/2014) [-]
good god, 834 episodes
User avatar #47 - murrlogic ONLINE (01/31/2014) [-]

With it's fellow kind


In the hands of another trainer


Peer Presure
#111 - jaevel ONLINE (01/31/2014) [-]
watchpokemonepisodes.com/season-1 In case somebody wishes to rewatch the season 1 episodes!
#91 - moonmist (01/31/2014) [-]
Wait, thats what happened to Butterfree?
Wait, thats what happened to Butterfree?
#94 to #91 - msfattytroll (01/31/2014) [-]
you don't remember like one of the saddest episodes?

He had to let butterfree go get that pink butterpussy

User avatar #110 to #94 - spanishninja ONLINE (01/31/2014) [-]
inb4 retarded ash didnt catch the shiny butterfree
User avatar #95 to #94 - moonmist (01/31/2014) [-]
I just wanted to post the King of the Hill gif, I remember the episode and have the VHS of it somewhere in the basement.
User avatar #55 - trollins (01/31/2014) [-]
I believe towards the end of the 5th Generation series, Ash's Charizard rejoins him for a short while.
User avatar #70 to #55 - vivapinatapro (01/31/2014) [-]
He rejoins his team multiple times. In the Silver league, and other places.
User avatar #77 to #55 - mcknyte (01/31/2014) [-]
Charizard ex machina
User avatar #1 - bamsebjornen (01/30/2014) [-]
i didnt know this, feels good to get some closure.
#85 - mrgoodlove (01/31/2014) [-]
I laugh when I'm reminded that squirtle was a gangster
User avatar #36 - romdadon (01/31/2014) [-]
and now he doesnt know what a charmander is
#41 to #36 - John Cena (01/31/2014) [-]
not sure if koffing joke or serious
User avatar #48 to #41 - giinthir (01/31/2014) [-]
There is a somewhat recent episode wherein he used the pokedex to identify a ******* Charmander. Long past the point of his becoming a Charizard. He is retarded. He did the same thing for a Butterfree as well. And in the most recent movie as well, he DOESN'T recognize MEWTWO for ***** sake!
User avatar #56 to #48 - makotoitou (01/31/2014) [-]
Ash's new Pokedex didn't have data on charmander, so he scanned to add it.

Also Mewtwo basically memory wiped everyone after the movies.
#90 to #56 - Stevethewizard (01/31/2014) [-]
Calling ******** on the Mewtwo memory wipe. He didn't wipe anyone's memory in Mewtwo Returns. They made a point to say Ash remembered it at the end of the movie. The only reason he wiped everyone's memory in the first movie is that, if he didn't, Ash would have given up being a Pokemon trainer and ended up being a bigger wuss than he already is, because the forced moral of the movie was "Fighting is bad." However, somehow, it's not bad if you forget you learned anything, meaning forgetting you learned that fighting is bad isn't bad, and, if you forgot you learned it, you never learned it, meaning you don't have to follow that moral guideline.
User avatar #45 to #36 - braveblue ONLINE (01/31/2014) [-]
Different pokedexs have different info logs.
#75 - yuukoku (01/31/2014) [-]
>sap raped by Heracross   
But Bulbasaur was my favorite as a kid...
>sap raped by Heracross

But Bulbasaur was my favorite as a kid...
User avatar #79 to #75 - sabcy (01/31/2014) [-]
Heracross like to eat from the bulb that grows out of it's back. Bulbasaur just finds it uncomfortable.
User avatar #84 to #79 - yordles (01/31/2014) [-]
It's like having a mosquito double your size on your back all day.
#104 to #84 - yuukoku (01/31/2014) [-]
Oh, lawd...
#86 - triplexrated **User deleted account** (01/31/2014) [-]
User avatar #64 - kanonxclannad (01/31/2014) [-]
Butterfree die after mating so.
#73 to #64 - magmaseraph (01/31/2014) [-]
I used to believe that too. But after I looked in all of the pokedex entries and a few wikis, it turns out that translators were mistaken and Butterfree is alive and well. Still having sweet sexy-times with the Pink Butterfree.
User avatar #67 to #64 - mylazy (01/31/2014) [-]
That's why it is non-stop.
User avatar #72 to #67 - playerdous (01/31/2014) [-]
Childhood saved?
#4 - astarothaufromage (01/30/2014) [-]
What exactly happened to primeape? I know these are his six first but damn, that guy doesn't get any attention at all.
User avatar #5 to #4 - lotengo ONLINE (01/30/2014) [-]
Ash entered him in a P1 tournament for fighting pokemon., Primape won thentournament and Ash left him to train with one of the fighting-pokemon trainers. Never seen Primape or that trainer again.
#6 to #5 - astarothaufromage (01/30/2014) [-]
I remember most of that.. Ah the nostalgia. I have seen a few artworks on deviantart that feature ash with every pokemon he has ever caught. They always leave out raticate, primape and beedrill.
User avatar #59 to #6 - myaccountisnew (01/31/2014) [-]
You mean the Raticate he had for 10 minutes before trading his Butterfree back? I wouldn't really count that one.
#101 to #59 - astarothaufromage (01/31/2014) [-]
Well, he never caught it, but one of those pieces claimed to feature everypokemon he has ever had. I suppose it doesn't really count yeah. I mean, he has had a seaking 10 minutes before he released it too, and I don't exactly count that one either.
#120 - exhaustedheadcase (01/31/2014) [-]
tfw you learn butterfrees die after mating
tfw you learn butterfrees die after mating
User avatar #122 to #120 - lotengo ONLINE (01/31/2014) [-]
He died with a smile on his face

keep that in mind
User avatar #98 - reyesman (01/31/2014) [-]
Dat Lightbulb doe
User avatar #17 - confusedasian (01/30/2014) [-]
Did he really rejoin the squirtle squad?
#20 to #17 - fuckyosixtyminutes (01/30/2014) [-]
Can't you read? It says right in the picture that he did.
User avatar #21 to #20 - confusedasian (01/30/2014) [-]
I meant that as, what was his reason to rejoin it?
User avatar #71 to #21 - vivapinatapro (01/31/2014) [-]
Because the city needed firefighters, and his little Squirtle squad were the only ones to do it. It was jus ta retarded way for him to free up space for more pokemon. Shoddy writing, imo.
User avatar #23 to #21 - drtrousersnake (01/30/2014) [-]
because it was the mob/firefighters for that city
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