Pokemon creator has something to say. . lil' t games, but if I actually listened mcgill of yin and we combined all of your idea_ is in a game, it would be an un
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Pokemon creator has something to say

lil' t
games, but if I actually listened mcgill of yin and we
combined all of your idea_ is in a game, it would be an
unplayable monstrosity. you want a game with all the
regions, but only the first generation Pokemon; yet
all the legendary ones add such silly: things. Whenever
I receive one of these ' nts, I go to the development
floor and read it out lad to all the Game Freak em-
players in a mocking voice, and we all laugh at you."
Satoshi Tami. Creator of Pokemon
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Submitted: 07/14/2014
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#1 - alexjonez (07/14/2014) [+] (1 reply)
pretty sure it was something along these lines
User avatar #3 - hellomynameisbill (07/14/2014) [+] (10 replies)
That isn't even Satoshi Tajiri in the picture, you idiot.
#8 - roddor (07/14/2014) [+] (6 replies)
I have yet to see actual proof that this exists.
I have yet to see actual proof that this exists.
#23 - ministermax ONLINE (07/14/2014) [+] (26 replies)
I sure haven't seen this 12 times already.
#4 - learmy (07/14/2014) [-]
#14 - jimboismynameo (07/14/2014) [+] (3 replies)
i wouldnt want all the regions in one game ....jeez you would be lvl 100 before leaving Hoenn (if you played each region in order of release)

but in future i would like to see slightly more complex stories that expand into at least one other region ....cos just raping each gym then fisting the elite 4 over and over with only a hint of plot does get a bit old

i want more plentiful post game activities and places to explore

also having the fist poke in you're team follow behind you should be a standard in every game

anybody else have any more Reasonable ideas?
User avatar #59 - corsairjoshua (07/14/2014) [+] (1 reply)
I don't think multiple save files would be all that difficult..
#43 - spacedunk (07/14/2014) [-]
They wouldn't have time for this. They're busy copy-pasting their previous game into their next game.
User avatar #39 - theseqceeman (07/14/2014) [+] (9 replies)
I'd like to see all generations and regions in one game.
#51 to #48 - blancka (07/14/2014) [-]
You'd hit level 100 after two to three regions.

Massive development costs.

People will burn out on the game. Even if regions were shortened to about 25 each, that's still 150 hours that most people would need to beat the game. Just like movies, games dragging on is idiotic.

It would kill sales of remakes.

It would kill pokebank sales.
#60 - lordraine (07/14/2014) [+] (3 replies)
This isn't a picture of the creator of Pokemon. And the creator of Pokemon never said this.

Why. Why do you keep posting this.
User avatar #143 - resetbutton (07/14/2014) [-]
People have to realize this is more fake than you're mum's tits.
#26 - nsfwanon ONLINE (07/14/2014) [+] (5 replies)
I can't wait for the Ruby/Sapphire remakes. They'd best keep the secret bases... They were the shiznit.
User avatar #49 to #26 - jokeface (07/14/2014) [-]
The latest commercial showcased the secret bases, and the caption they used was: "Create a secret base! And share it with the world!" I chuckled at the irony.
#99 - isenseven (07/14/2014) [+] (8 replies)
This is actually exactly what happened to Call of Duty. Hate it if you want, I hate it myself, but you have to admit that it was a really decent and enjoyable game up until MW2.

Then the developers of the game actually started listening to fans and incorporating fan ideas into the game and basing the whole game around those ideas. Just look at the whole Black Ops series, thats basically a "fanfic" Call of Duty.

How does the Call of Duty community react to those titles?
"It's so digestive end product, this game sucks. Its unbalanced and theres too much/too little going on." This is proof that the fans of a series should NEVER have any say into what goes into creating the content unless they work the in field of development themselves.

You get what you ask for, and what you asked for sounds good in you're head but is digestive end product in reality.
User avatar #87 - imagnetsux (07/14/2014) [+] (1 reply)
open world pokemon mmorpg tho.
#27 - champaigne ONLINE (07/14/2014) [-]
Fake and stupid
User avatar #116 - acoustic (07/14/2014) [+] (4 replies)
Good for him. Why listen to consumers? They will buy it anyways.. Damn sheeple.
User avatar #89 - butteredhamster (07/14/2014) [+] (12 replies)
I don't want them to make a specific game, I just want them to STOP INVENTING POKEMON. They are getting so stupid.
#92 - manofiron (07/14/2014) [-]
I could have sworn I saw this yesterday.
User avatar #7 - ljxjlos ONLINE (07/14/2014) [+] (5 replies)
That´s bulldigestive end product, tho.
I haven´t ever met anyone who wants that game.
A game with all regions and all pokemon, tho - that´d be neat.
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