One of the posts I saw this evening. . Dear roughly one quarter of my Facebook friends, Hey it' s Brian. Ijust kinda noticed how you guys are all on that "care  facebook paul walker Celebrities death
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One of the posts I saw this evening

Dear roughly one quarter of my Facebook friends,
Hey it' s Brian. Ijust kinda noticed how you guys are all on that "care about the
military more than celebrity" thing again with Paul walkers death. Now the last
time this happened (ether Ryan Dunn or Michaeljackson Iforgot} I was like
wow a little reality would really show these guys that what they' re saying,
though popular, is kinda rediculous. Obiviously people are gonna be effected by
a person they were aware of more so than a person they are completely
unaware of. Can' t we just kinda be upset about any loss of human life?" But
then I realized that it' s fuckin genius!
Ilove the idea retelling people how to feel! HI mouldiest tell everyone how
to feel we' d all be under any president I wanted, freaks and geeks would have
had a second season, we' d all be sipping old fashioners and rooting for the
patriots! Life would be so simple!
And you guys aren' t even stopping there! Telling people your ashamed at the
way they grew?! That' s next level as fuck! It' s really only you guys and the
Westboro baptist church doing that shit right now and that is just NOT
enough people. your ranks. Let' s fuckin do this!
First order of business though. I really think we need to make a whole ranking
of who' s death to care about from most to least. Like military over celebrity is
a good start but there' s way more groups of dead people than that for us to
judge. Like where do little kids who die of cancer go? Clearly way over
celebrities but in relation to the military, I don' t know. We can hash t out at
our next meeting.
But then what about celebrities who were in the military? Do we tell people to
care more because they used to be soldiers or less because they are rich lame
thespian traitors? And what fa friend of mine in the military dies with a couple
other guys? Am Unopposed to be more upset about my friend than the guys I
don' t know or aren' t i? Then again those other guys coulda done some
acting... God this is getting more confusing than Ithought. maybe ill just have
a beer, chill out, and stop trying to tell people how to feel...
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