One Of My Favorite Reviews. A funny product review for the Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun.. lines he Blaster Stun Gun , 000 Unit 5, 55. usage I Lue) tsa) In Stock. aa productreview funny story
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One Of My Favorite Reviews

A funny product review for the Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun.

lines he Blaster Stun Gun , 000 Unit
5, 55. usage I Lue) tsa)
In Stock.
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Daly I left in seen.
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Airdrie.''; Amazing, May 14, 2012
at - meme
I purchased die after I was centrefold by same parlais demanding than hand ever my may I' m a relatively tit guy,
but I was no match fill’ them. That is when I waited that I need m pretest myself. The day after t bought this product
I went he the winery same paling lot when I was dirtty . I approached the greens of 'harryhoot
weeds the enema. concealing my secret weapon.
I entity asked 'thememe: er mes‘.
we N them limited up and said, ‘Have we were back w my seine Samoas er Thin Mints? My Gil Scent Trent! needs tn
raise mere moneyy"
I replied with 'yeu' re net taking my maney this time‘. ‘But sir, they' re detlik: , she said.
I whipped nut my Finest-: Blaster stun Gun hand and shunted "weenie MOVE B""" l' The the girl seems ran away
as I pounded my chest in victory, I accidentaly activated the stun gun and applied swans Volts tn my right nipple. I
woke up 4 heirs later in the mend Er? heavy footsteps., These Girl Scouts had brought they fathers., But I was ready. I
lunged at the largest we with a thy of 'RAGGLE . Em" and hit him in the seemann. its hit the ground harder than a
fat kid en a junta gym.
as the ethers began ta circle amend me. I changed , Holding bath of my hands in tight fists, I rased my arms
be my sides and initiated the helicopter spin. They all hacked oft, fearing my ita: Pressie. -e RPM., After a ' Iife I started
getting dirty. and we we fathers decided tn try tn tackle me. as he ran tn me steed there. may and queasy: time
was wig real glow. Then I remembered- t had eaten lunch at Uganda and the tenets was fighting its way back Hit my
I hand Inward my enemy launched a stream of dernit at him, knocking him tn the ground. Then I started
singing ‘Let the Indies hit the Mor, let the medias hit the liner. In the Andeee hit ,.,., , rlr."
I grabbed my Enema Blaster Stun Gan and shepard it inan my mouth, running at my tees. : them
with my teeth. Eventually they were at : ious, and I walked heme
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