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User avatar #1 - thepinkestofthepie (10/07/2013) [+] (1 reply)
On the 7th of April in Paris, the fire went out seven times because of protests;

On the 11th of April in Buenos Aires, the fire went out because of protests;

On the 18th of April in India, the fire went out many times without any particular reason;

In Africa, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand, a heavy rain put the fire out;

On the 24th of April in Canberra the torch went out, even though the weather condition was perfect;

On the 2nd of May in Hong Kong the flame went out twice;

On the 3rd of May in Macau the flame once again went out without any reason;

On the 4th of May in Haikou the torch went out in the hands of the first torch-holder;

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