Ohhhhhh. . his my ment just vielen insults, this is why people dent like feminism. maid you just not be a total dumbass tor one goddamn seesaw Still he argument
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his my ment just vielen
insults, this is why people dent like feminism.
maid you just not be a total
dumbass tor one goddamn seesaw
Still he argument
if Wate not a feminist.
a , it' s that simple, stop existing until you
can understand that pls thanks
That' s like Islam killing people
tor not being part at their religion
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Submitted: 08/09/2014
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#10 - epicscorpion Comment deleted by economic [-]
#16 to #10 - John Cena (08/10/2014) [-]
And everybody knows that fascists like dicks.
#56 to #16 - skindread (08/10/2014) [-]
Every one knows anons like dicks
#12 to #10 - John Cena (08/10/2014) [-]
Now you're making me think of that one picture..."If you have 1 apple and Johnny has 3 apples, then... Johnny is a Bourgeois Bastard!"
User avatar #86 to #12 - economic (08/10/2014) [-]
Sorry, had to.
User avatar #126 to #113 - economic (08/11/2014) [-]
Look who's blocked.
User avatar #97 to #86 - economic (08/10/2014) [-]
It was the perfect set up. Post it again and you'll get more thumbs.
User avatar #96 to #86 - deezknuts (08/10/2014) [-]
why did you delete it, you cunt
#95 to #12 - iwantattention (08/10/2014) [-]
What did it say??? I want to see.. please let me now
#7 - John Cena (08/09/2014) [-]
Only a Sith deals in absolutes
#47 to #7 - John Cena (08/10/2014) [-]
Isnt THAT an absolute aswell?
User avatar #31 to #7 - dorfdorfdorf (08/10/2014) [-]
"do, or do not; there is no try."

know who said that, bitch

*********** yoda

git gud
User avatar #42 to #31 - armsdealer (08/10/2014) [-]
By that logic, every time you are made to choose between two options, you're a sith. That's not the definition of dealing in "absolutes."
What the idiot that OP posted did was indeed dealing in absolutes; where by not being option A, you are categorized as the only other choice, option B.
User avatar #43 to #42 - dorfdorfdorf (08/10/2014) [-]
You obviously didnt read the quote
you either do
or you dont

no middle ground

i was merely pointing out an inconsistency between the new and old trilogies
#48 to #43 - armsdealer (08/10/2014) [-]
I read everything I comment on. You're clearly don't understand what "dealing in absolutes" means.   
Not having a middle ground is not the same as assumed positioning.   
Absolutes =    A =/= B so if you are not A then you are B   
This is what happens when you read into a quote about giving the things you do your all. It's a parable to live by, not a 			*******		 incongruity in the Jedi's code.
I read everything I comment on. You're clearly don't understand what "dealing in absolutes" means.
Not having a middle ground is not the same as assumed positioning.

Absolutes = A =/= B so if you are not A then you are B

This is what happens when you read into a quote about giving the things you do your all. It's a parable to live by, not a ******* incongruity in the Jedi's code.
#99 to #48 - John Cena (08/10/2014) [-]
Guess I found a fellow Sith. A TERRIBLE SITH. TASTE MY LIGHTNING, ****** .
#2 - theqotsakiller ONLINE (08/09/2014) [-]
We got it, the extremists suck.
We got it, the extremists suck.
User avatar #93 to #2 - economic (08/10/2014) [-]
Na, these are the norm now. Lots of feminists use this logic.
#101 to #93 - John Cena (08/10/2014) [-]
No. There are plenty of feminists who don't share their view. A feminist (at least in the old definition of the term) doesn't HATE men, they just fight for equality. Nowadays, I believe their struggle is focused on such matters as female mutilation and whatnot.
Extremists focus on things that not even themselves can identify. I just think that they are after the extermination of men altogether instead of actually trying to make the world a better place.
Don't put everything on the same bag mmmkay?
User avatar #124 to #101 - economic (08/11/2014) [-]
Yea yea yea
Face it, feminism is a joke that's gone too far. 60 ******* years and still no real equality in the divorce courts you stupid cunt.
#72 to #2 - youdoublecongoid (08/10/2014) [-]
E-even I, theqotsakiller?
#122 to #72 - theqotsakiller ONLINE (08/10/2014) [-]
Of course not Hitler-chan, only the mean mean fat ladies are bad, not you.
#9 to #2 - sumerfag (08/10/2014) [-]
this would have been a better gif for that
this would have been a better gif for that
#13 to #9 - theqotsakiller ONLINE (08/10/2014) [-]
#14 - bidgick (08/10/2014) [-]
Muh' Triggers
#117 - acidtroll (08/10/2014) [-]
I'm so mad i'm gonna post this gif of an ass to make me feel better.
I'm so mad i'm gonna post this gif of an ass to make me feel better.
#121 to #117 - unfitninjuh ONLINE (08/10/2014) [-]
Sauce please?
Sauce please?
#127 to #121 - dareus (08/16/2014) [-]
Google warframe porn gifs.

Right Click--> View Image --> Google Image search
#103 - granadablashlack (08/10/2014) [-]
Mfw feminism
User avatar #45 - OsamaBinLadenz (08/10/2014) [-]
It's kind of sad that feminism has this connotation. I bet real feminists feel like **** knowing that they'll instantly be thought of like this when they tell people they're feminists.
User avatar #52 to #45 - sabcy (08/10/2014) [-]
they can probably claim that they are 2nd wave feminists
User avatar #50 to #45 - chickenbones ONLINE (08/10/2014) [-]
My girlfriend is technically a feminist. You know what her "ideals" are? That woman should be charged for crimes to the same severity as men, and that shy won't be able to just say some guy raped them and win for no good reason, so that woman who actually do get raped won't be afraid of prejudice if they report it. That woman will start being more professionally i the work place, that woman will take a more active role in the generation of new ideas in the world, and that woman will view them self's as more than a meat market for guys, and stop basing their self worth off of how attractive they are. It's generally an honorable pursuit. These crazy ******* calling them selfs feminists are making it very hard for people who are actualy trying to make the world a better place.
User avatar #54 to #50 - makomirocket (08/10/2014) [-]
well when a polictical/ideological movement gets a bad association that you cant lose, you go off with those that agree with you and make a new, separate one where you can get those ideas across. Like the Protestants
#55 to #50 - trollnoscopy (08/10/2014) [-]
Maybe its time for "real" feminists to break off from these nut jobs and make a new group with men to actually fight for this **** . People have been claiming that those "real" feminists are equalists, yet they identify them selves as feminists... break off from it already
#57 to #55 - chickenbones has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #120 to #50 - ixcarnifexxi (08/10/2014) [-]
Do... Do we have the same girlfriend? My girlfriend is a feminist and shares a lot of those views. I've asked her about these "feminists" and she said that they're just ******* crazy and have no idea what they're doing with their lives.
User avatar #123 to #120 - chickenbones ONLINE (08/10/2014) [-]
Prooobably not? XD I think that just means there are more feminists out there that arn't crazy, than is readily apparent.
User avatar #105 to #50 - potrsr (08/10/2014) [-]
my friend has same ideas. If men are so privilaged, shuldn't women do something to be just as privilaged?
#84 - megayoming (08/10/2014) [-]
Getting real tired of Misandry.

Feminists im ok with.

its people like that bitch who i hate. Its like people calling themselves Christians and have never read the Bible or even go to church.

Don't affiliate yourself with a group unless you know what the group is about. that or these ******* bitches want to use "Feminism" as the escape goat and look like the victim.

Feminism is for women in more "Male States" Like the middle east. Or when women couldn't vote. its not to make people stop looking at you as a potential mate. its to get the same Alpha-Beta status as men not Sub alpha and beta.
User avatar #111 to #84 - pitifulsoul (08/10/2014) [-]
If you've only heard the term, it's a very easy mistake.
User avatar #58 - chaossniper ONLINE (08/10/2014) [-]
this post angers me because both are morons
User avatar #59 - jukuku (08/10/2014) [-]
>Implying being called a misogynist is anywhere near as bad as being killed for your religious views or lack thereof

Both people have a victim complex
User avatar #75 to #59 - okamiterasu ONLINE (08/10/2014) [-]
Feminists would like to make you think so
User avatar #112 to #59 - pitifulsoul (08/10/2014) [-]
Well... some self-proclaimed feminists have ended up killing (or seriously injuring) those who they have labelled misogynists.
Feminist makes false sexual assault allegation and then assaults innocent man
User avatar #60 to #59 - spearpwi (08/10/2014) [-]
He's making a comparison based on the absolute nature of her ideology. It's not a matter of severity.

"You don't agree with me, therefore you shouldn't exist" as a statement, and then actually going ahead and killing people might have contrasting consequences but they are still related in some ways.


User avatar #61 to #60 - jukuku (08/10/2014) [-]
He compared the likeness of her radicalism to the radicalism that causes genocides.
User avatar #62 to #61 - spearpwi (08/10/2014) [-]
As I said, he's not comparing it on a scale of severity. No matter how much less of a homicidal maniac she is, she's still of the opinion that misogynists shouldn't exist, and that relates to the views of extremist Muslims. He's not wrong, it's just a dumb comparison to use. Given that there's not much else to compare her too, and he was bent on finding a decent simile (because life is ruled by clichés), it's only natural that he came out with a **** one.
User avatar #63 to #62 - jukuku (08/10/2014) [-]
It's of the same type of ignorance but it is not like genocide in the least. A better comparison would have been discrimination based on refusal to conform. So, persecution of people as being communists if they do not fully support capitalism. It was an extremely hyperbolic argument.
User avatar #64 to #63 - spearpwi (08/10/2014) [-]
Hyperbole tends to get a point across better when you're talking to seriously misguided people, though in her case you'd fail to get a point across even if you tied a letter to a brick and threw it at her face (metaphorically speaking). In any case, your metaphor was closer on the scale and probably would have made a neater argument if he was talking to a completely sane person, but that's not the case.
User avatar #65 to #64 - jukuku (08/10/2014) [-]
Nothing is going to get through her skull. There is no point in engaging in conversation with extremists of any kind, they almost never change their views because of rational argument.
User avatar #66 to #65 - spearpwi (08/10/2014) [-]
I wonder if there's some sort of mental condition tied to extremist behaviour. People like her definitely speak like they belong in an asylum, but oft-times that's just some sort of retarded online persona.
User avatar #68 to #66 - jukuku (08/10/2014) [-]
It's definitely a real problem. Conspiracy theorists, religious fundamentalists, political extremists, they all have the same insulation to opposing world views. They don't analyze the information in an objective manner, they try to warp it and bend it to fit their own beliefs. It's confirmation bias and a sense of zealous vindication that allows them to do it. Often times they're a little above average in terms of intelligence. Smart enough to create their own explanations that justify their own beliefs, not smart enough to understand why that leads to an incorrect world view.
User avatar #69 to #68 - spearpwi (08/10/2014) [-]
These people aren't poorly educated then? Many of them are bought up in the same society as us, so putting it down to external influences would be a stretch. That makes mental instability the more logical answer, or possibly just a rare personality trait (though sometimes those two things are seen as one and the same).
User avatar #70 to #69 - jukuku (08/10/2014) [-]
There's a common theme of angry, anxious and aggressive personality traits amongst the extremist viewpoints.

Most people who believe in a 'new world order' are anxious in general. I'm of the belief that extreme ideologies are often viewpoints that fit and justify their frustrations, I think in many cases the emotional frustration with the world drives people towards those ideologies and the ideologies perpetuate them. Basically, the ideologies are symptoms of an underlying issue with their mental health, whether it be major or minor.

I'm a very frustrated person for many reasons but I don't see radicalism as an appropriate response for the perceived issues in the world, often times the difference is an ability to know better than to hop on board with something so judgmental and vindictive.
User avatar #67 to #59 - dunkleosteus ONLINE (08/10/2014) [-]
I thought it was the "stop existing" part he was talking about.
#74 - funnyspartan (08/10/2014) [-]
female are always doing this
female are always doing this
#11 - John Cena (08/10/2014) [-]
#4 - mystacheisop Comment deleted by economic [-]
#5 to #4 - economic (08/09/2014) [-]
It's the same as posting a neck beard image, saying that anyone who says anything bad about feminism is just a fat neck beard so they don't agree with an OP.

By implying that funnyjunk users are all going to thumb this content up just because it's anti-feminist and to do so is just them jumping on a bandwagon is a tactic feminists(and others) use to get people to stop thumbing the content up.

User avatar #6 to #5 - tomahawkkit (08/09/2014) [-]
im my eyes your not any different than the face book profile in red
User avatar #8 to #6 - economic (08/09/2014) [-]
User avatar #15 to #8 - popnotes (08/10/2014) [-]
Still no argument
User avatar #18 to #17 - popnotes (08/10/2014) [-]
User avatar #20 to #19 - popnotes (08/10/2014) [-]
Thank you for this
#21 to #20 - theflamingfire (08/10/2014) [-]
Stop right there criminal scum! Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence, Your stolen goods are now forfeit
#23 to #22 - theflamingfire (08/10/2014) [-]
Hope that faggot that's thumbing own all my comments doesn't find me here
Hope that faggot that's thumbing own all my comments doesn't find me here
#24 to #23 - popnotes (08/10/2014) [-]
**** people like that.
User avatar #26 to #25 - popnotes (08/10/2014) [-]
what a faget
#28 to #27 - theflamingfire (08/10/2014) [-]
Done gotta like ms paint beat that tridaak
#29 to #28 - tridaak (08/10/2014) [-]
This is better
#30 to #29 - theflamingfire (08/10/2014) [-]
Draw pad hacks
User avatar #91 to #15 - economic (08/10/2014) [-]
There's noting to argue about you retard. Look at his comment. wow, you can tell when the americans come on.
#33 to #5 - John Cena (08/10/2014) [-]
Arent you bandwagoning making a generic "femnists r bad" post?
#1 - mystacheisop Comment deleted by economic [-]
User avatar #3 to #1 - economic (08/09/2014) [-]
Yea no
#40 - armsdealer (08/10/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
#39 - armsdealer (08/10/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
#76 - John Cena (08/10/2014) [-]
I'll fairly certain this is another fake one made by OP
#38 - armsdealer (08/10/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
User avatar #92 to #38 - economic (08/10/2014) [-]
Spamming means a block, defending feminists means I come to your house and kill you with a banana.
#37 - armsdealer (08/10/2014) [-]
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