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User avatar #13 - stijnverheye (12/28/2013) [-]
i want a personal narator for my life
User avatar #17 to #13 - sepheroth (12/28/2013) [-]
Stijnverheye wished with all his might, but sadly, was about to learn the true meanings of false hope and crushing disappointment.
#50 to #17 - stijnverheye (12/28/2013) [-]
That was actually fking cool , i read it with that narator from Stanley
User avatar #87 to #50 - sepheroth (12/29/2013) [-]
Well, the false hope was supposed to be getting one post narrated, and the crushing disappointment was going to be getting nothing else narrated ever.

But others seem to have ran with it a little.
User avatar #21 to #17 - ykaliber (12/28/2013) [-]
But all of a sudden stijnverheye heard someone knock on his door. "Who could it be at this hour of day?" He wondered. Swiftly he paused his movie of hardcore granny bukake on his PC and stood up to go to the door...
#62 to #21 - hurzg (12/29/2013) [-]
It was terminarator, the notorious bionic Matador from Granada/Spain.
#56 to #21 - slowshade (12/29/2013) [-]
and thats when he saw Morgan Freemen, here to narrate his life until the day it ended.
User avatar #53 to #21 - stijnverheye (12/28/2013) [-]
and it excist
User avatar #51 to #21 - stijnverheye (12/28/2013) [-]
you seem to have ignited a spark of curiosity
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