Obama Meets Horse. Found on Funny or Die: www.funnyordie.com/articles/84b2e3262c/obama-meets-horse If you like Batman check this out: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1E obama Horse
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Obama Meets Horse

Tags: obama | Horse
Horse: You should STIRRUP the economy.
Obama: That' s funny
Horse: Our 'ttle. problems are not a fucking game Obama.
Horse: It' s so nice to meet you. We MUSTANG out some time!
Obama: Security!
I' m here to give you !
Obama: How did you get near me?
Horse: I got PASTURE security Mr. President.
Obama: And what is your question?
Horse: Weigh!
Obama: What?
Horse: ... excuse me... we should repeal Obamacare!
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