(OC) Simple State Comp: Tennessee. If you want a particular state just ask and I'll get back to you. www.ushistory.org/people/arch_strickland.htm www.statesymbo state comp OC
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(OC) Simple State Comp: Tennessee

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Tennessee Comp
The capitol building was designed by William
Strickland, who died before its completion and
is buried within its structure.
The name Tennessee originated from a
Cherokee village named "Tanari", also the word
for rivers.
Andrew johnson held nearly every level of
elective office in Tennessee from local to federal.
The only person in American k/ starry' to be both
a Navy Admiral and an Army General was
Samuel Powhatan Carters.
The Union and the Confederacy’
Tennesse was the last state to secede from the
Union and the first to be readmitted.
Tennessee caves contain the world' s gnd
largest underground lake.
State Amphibian: Tennessee Cave Salamander
State Reptile: Eastern Box Turtle
State Gem: Tennessee River Pearl
State Bird: Bob White Quail
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Yay! Thank you
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I lived in Tennessee for 9 years

It intense bodyloveing sucked, I hate that state
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Let me know when you do one on Ohio. Or if you already did, please link me to it!
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Much appreciated my friend!
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you're welcome
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almost to wisconsin