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#62 - theaaronlester
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(10/25/2013) [-]
So no one has gone looking for a big ass tree? Can't be that hard to miss...
User avatar #69 to #62 - mitchr
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(10/25/2013) [-]
1 tree. Tallest, not biggest. However, let's assume it is also the biggest.
8 meters is the diameter of the bigger redwood trees, according to Wikipedia.
Now, that 8 meters is diameter. Area would be pi * 16, which would be 50.26 m^2.
The surface area of the land on Earth is 148,940,000 km^2, which would be 149 BILLION meters squared.
Even taking out the size of deserts and land that trees could not grow on, that's still far too much to find a single tree that is tallest.
User avatar #66 to #62 - justmedude
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(10/25/2013) [-]
It doesn't state it's abnormally large though, it could be just 1 meter bigger than the trees around it and still count as the world's tallest tree.