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#38 - tenboxes
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smartass story #1:
>ask teacher if I can fill my water bottle
>"I don't know can you?
>"only one way to find out"
>leave class
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(03/31/2014) [-]
smartass story #2:
>joking with friends
>quote the Wu-Tang Clan
>"dolla dolla bills y'all"
>teacher asks what the **** I'm talking about
>"just quoting the Wu-Tang"
>"The Who?"
>"no not The Who, the Wu-Tang"
>"don't act like you don't know the Wu-Tang"
>"oh I've heard of him, I'm just saying if I hit him with a car I wouldn't take much notice"
>"well you should because there's like 10 of them"
>tfw again
>mfw my face is the same, I only have one face
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