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Newly Discovered Species of 2013

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Another species of walking A new species of tapir A Omen from icantfish
shown to be a distinct " . . p y p
shark was discovered was discovered for the in the Amazon is one of the
species, despite being . . . .
near" Indonesia. first time since 1865. smallest ever discovered.
misidentified for yea rs.
A new species of The was the first A . I t . Four" new species of legless
hammerhead was member of the Carnivora r( f]. pot' . om? be; e lizards were discovered in
discovered in the Atlantic order discovered in over" " new Tect? m I S
genus since 1847. and around Los Angeles.
near" South Carolina. 35 years.
Views: 1916 Submitted: 12/30/2013
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#3 - kaw
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(12/30/2013) [-]
arent legless lizards just snakes?
#4 to #3 - kanedam
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(12/31/2013) [-]
i had the same thought and wanted to post that in the comments...
now one of us just wasted brain material as the other one had the same thought (and since i was second it was me... damn)

yay! cool... with so many species not known yet, we can be sure we extinct even more races without even knowing about it! cool...
User avatar #1 - hoponthefeelstrain
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(12/30/2013) [-]
Looks like the sharks are stealing the lizards legs'.
User avatar #5 - qwarthos
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(12/31/2013) [-]
shark people mother ******
#2 - anon id: 309bcf66
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(12/30/2013) [-]
i love the olinguito