Newly Discovered Species of 2013. I love science Another species of walking A new species o species science
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Newly Discovered Species of 2013

Another species of walking A new species of tapir A Omen from icantfish
shown to be a distinct " . . p y p
shark was discovered was discovered for the in the Amazon is one of the
species, despite being . . . .
near" Indonesia. first time since 1865. smallest ever discovered.
misidentified for yea rs.
A new species of The was the first A . I t . Four" new species of legless
hammerhead was member of the Carnivora r( f]. pot' . om? be; e lizards were discovered in
discovered in the Atlantic order discovered in over" " new Tect? m I S
genus since 1847. and around Los Angeles.
near" South Carolina. 35 years.
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