NOPE. Continued in comments.. This Guy' s Girlfriend Keeps Messaging Him On Facebook. And It' s Absolutely Horrifying. My girlfriend died on the tth of August,
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Continued in comments.

This Guy' s Girlfriend Keeps
Messaging Him On Facebook.
And It' s Absolutely Horrifying.
My girlfriend died on the tth of August, 2012.
I just received another message, and it' s
worse than any of the others. She was
involved in a three car collision driving
home from work when someone ran a red
light. She passed away within minutes on the
We had been dating for five years at that
point. She wasn' t big on the idea of marriage
it felt archaic, she said, gave her a weird vibe),
but if she had been, I would have married her
within three months of our relationship. She
was vibrant; the kind of girl that would choose
dare every time. She was happiest when
camping, but a total technophile too. She
always smelled like cinnamon.
That being said, she wasn' t perfect. She always
said something along the lines of, ''If I gark it
first, don' tjust say good things about me. I'
never liked that. If you don' t pay me out,
you' re doing me a disservice. I' got so many
flaws, and that' s just part of me." So, this is for
Em: the music she said she liked and the music
she actually liked were very different. Her idea
of affection was a . She had really long
toes, like a chimpanzee.
I know that' s tangential, but I don' t feel right
discussing her without you having an idea of
what she was like.
Em had been dead for approaching thirteen
months when she first messaged me.
September l 2013. This is when it began. I had
left Emily' s Facebook account activated sol
could send her the occasional message, post
on her wall, go through her albums. It felt too
final (and too ) to memorialise it. I
share' access with her mother (Susan) -
meaning, her mother has her Irgin and
password and has spent a total of
approximately three minutes on the website
or on a computer, total). After a little
confusion, I assumed it was her.
Emily ‘ " New Message Lil was
but you' re not a plaque on a wall
this gives me more closure even
lack we' re nerds
still finding your nannies everywhere
and your Donny pins
actually fairly sure they' re breeding
some of them still have hair on them
Narnian ‘
who is this’?
It' s really weird receiving messages from atill% account
Narnian ‘
okay well
the future please send me messages horn your account even If
you wanna discuss her page
Susan’? You' re on Emily' s account
November 16th, 2013. I had received
confirmation from Susan that she hadn' t
logged in to Em' s Facebook since the week of
her death. Em knew a lot of people, sol
instantly assumed this was one of her more
tech savvy 'friends' f* cking with me in the
worst possible way.
New Message F.', Ami
its really weird receiving messages wmm Emily s account
okay well
well in the future please send ' messages Hem your account even ll
you wanna discuss her page
l You' re on Emily' s account
let' s hit u; -rail this Sunday
Nathan ‘
Who the Ink is this’?
13 wheels on the INS
Please tell me who you are
Around February 2014, Emily started tagging
herself in my photos. I would get notifications
for them, but the tag would generally always
be removed by the time I got to it. The first
time I actually caught one, it felt like someone
had punched me in the gut. 'She' would tag
herself in spaces where it was plausible for her
to be, or where she would usually hang out.
I' got screenshots of two (from April and
June; these are the only ones I' caught, so
they' re a little out ofthe timeline I' m trying to
write out):
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Wow man, that sucks. I want to be updated on everything.
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2 spoopy 4 me
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There also appears to be a face in the first picture. Coincidence? Yes.
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Dudes dead. Said it the first time this was uploaded and I'll say it again here.
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