My second post - Zombie D&D style game!. Please show me your love, FJ!!!. may Fl. Incl dknight here, we only made I post but I wanna see how this goes. How abou Zombie dungeonrs and Dragons game roll
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My second post - Zombie D&D style game!

My second post - Zombie D&D style game!. Please show me your love, FJ!!!. may Fl. Incl dknight here, we only made I post but I wanna see how this goes. How abou

Please show me your love, FJ!!!

may Fl. Incl dknight here, we only made I post but I wanna see how this goes.
How about a D& D based tumble! sinistral game that gels played in the -.:orr: inorite below?
I wilt be the and f will seta the of abouta hours on a certain day when we
will play. if you are available in that time slot, then first people to roll dubs in this
post will be chosen to play. If they miss out it' ll be a first come first serve basis. There
will be a scripted story line with endings. You can choose classes
and level them up. Encounters and looting will all be done by rolling numbers and
picture s- Aime end an the gem e, I will compile the comma nts section into
upload them for the rest of at to enjoy:
Since mostof us are students, we will start it as a breakout ofthe infection on
campus at Fenian lumen State University. Based on . we can choose to
go local city, stay on campus, he ad into the backwoods, oetry and make it
to one of the mystery locations. As far as zombiejoe. it will be a degenerated virus at
can take anywhere from hours to set it, More details on zombies will be revealed as
we play. The whole game will be divided into encounters and main story. En counters will
be determined by the and play a big role in the .
Players can choose from engineer, doctor, athlete, organdy re r. You can roll a
as well, which will give you additional boosts to your character' s stats.,
nds range from stud em, . or a special background. Stats range from
in strength, Constitution, Temerity, . , , and charisma. if you are a
souths? , you a stat she at where as smile athlete will
have alot of points in just strength/ Co - a spectaculars will have a bonus far
two skills. For exam ole, backgrou no is and you pick Doctor, you
will have very high stats in (/ / , We can cheese your
character, hut background has to be rolled for.
Engineer: " Dexterity. ', " Insd om
Athlete: " Strength, " Constitution, Charisma
Doctor: Sue nigh, can sitaution, Intelligence
wanderer: Dexterity, " wisdom. charisma
Student: Must , " Stre nath, Constitution, " Charisma
Itsjust , Dexterity, " into toga ca, " Wisdom
rall a or a, any skill, at any
So it you pick Wan darer and roll a grownup p, your starting sheet will be.
lento my: 2 Intelligence: 1 Wisdom: 2 Charisma: 1
All othersites are It unless specified.
is am e Me charms
Everyon as he aith starts off with we * i: prostitution}. when a certain number
of , if you some a I} or critical tail, you take so pits ' hearth damage
you will take number of zombies t 1, -member of roll of hearth damage. so
rolling a 2 while getting attacked by E zombie s, you will take 2 pts of health damage. It
maynot seem like much but you will be having many fights and you may not find as much
health packs as you need. Melee attack damage is calculated by strength '',
we killitems like guns will have a damage ' intelligence' Homage
trusty pet/ following' attack for you will be more like Chik' Esma' ' roll, Rolling
a , will be a guaranteed kill on more anemia in Most tom hes will have to health on while
borne giro no bosses and eye it other human s will haye way more .
There are items scattered throughout the world that twill boost your stats and
survivability- itemsquad range from weapons to some parts to food and repeditive. If you
find a metal har, at metal, and tool kit, you can make Nadirs/ spe ars. Dexterity
determines the condition and es: -Anthe amou of that item you can create., it you find a
karate schooler gun shop, you can rolldo get a really good we apron. Cir you can ‘roll
mote re i‘ to date mmine what he m you will get.
its the EM, I will regularly into rro pt player actions with en co unite rs, Theacon
range from a zombie ambush to finding a bitten child. Each can teach you taffeta ht things
about the howto the m. These will be random encounters.
Scripted en counters will be upon entering releaving a new area or starting a boss fight,
Every encounter. all members of the party have a chance of raising a skill point by at least
point. For example, Hypo role a 9 during an action during an encounter, you
automatically raise the respective skill by iii. If, in the same emcee rite Lyon roll a
combined score of 15 with 2 rolls, you raise that skill .
an aways guys, we' how this goes and remember; it' s not about having a die hard
zombie experience, it' s about having m n. If you go start rolling dragon dildos
and decide to tight with e m and get halt your pa my Ifile d, that' s up to you. if anyone
else wants to host this game amongst air own the nds and post the resu Its, please ta m
free to do so but '': give me credit.
in downright
pdr, I kn ow We not re ally incorporated rolling images into this game as it could lead to
hilarious results. But at the same tim e, leniant. i" u Atless things could he
rolled and with the 1 minute delay between posts, it could get boring very quickly.
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