My first OC. You have no idea how frustrating walmart customers are.. itit, Fm at swim [tail Wally sails, weird thiings. I' m crisis' l jiri) August 31, so 13 v OC Walmart rage retail compilation
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My first OC

My first OC. You have no idea how frustrating walmart customers are.. itit, Fm at swim [tail Wally sails, weird thiings. I' m crisis' l jiri) August 31, so 13 v

You have no idea how frustrating walmart customers are.

itit, Fm at swim [tail Wally sails,
weird thiings. I' m crisis' l jiri)
August 31, so 13 via mobile a?'
So at work, Ihad a little Chinese kid come up to me, crying, saying he lost his
mommy. So I reassure him that we' ll find her, and ask her name. Athen page the
mother up, and wait, untill the kid says he wants to go and find her. I go with him,
and we walk around the store. Meanwhile, he' s worried that his mom will leave him.
Isay that she won' t, and all we sudden, we hear "HEY". Its his mom. Naturally, I
smile and look at the mother...
who' s giving the kid a death stare from the depths of hell itself.
Enod, and leave the kid with the mother. Athen hear SCREAMING and yelling from
the mother who is new lecturing the crying kid.
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you know today' s gunna be awkward when you walk into Walmart and a customer
who looks like a Duck Dynasty character} rushes by you and says
Hey, that' s two white guys that work here! "
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may, sit in your seats ladies, this Is a long one.
Iwas at Customer Service. Doing my thing, being cool. Lady comes up, wanting to
return an infant item.
Little did I know this would be the most bitchy customer Ne had yet
She showed the receipt, and Iwent through with the return. Fine right? Apparently
not. The system refused tn give her sales we back. to cell a CSM. Alisha
Babcock cerny over, and figured out the the Item was over our 90 return policy.
Alisha then explained that she we override the retart and give her the money, but
the sales tax can' t be refunded, due to our policy.
Alisha: “I' m not really supposed to take this back; because we ever so days, but I' ll
override it. The system just won' t allow the sales we to be refu nded."
Customer: "Well, he said he would, so you have to."
Alisha: "That was before we found out the Item Is over policy. I' m sorry.“
Customer: "He told me he would give me my sales tax, so that' s what you' re going
Alisha: "No, Idon' t have to do that, because our policy is 90 deys."
Customer: "Can Italic to the store manager?"
So Alisha calls the ASM, and while she' s on the phone, the customer continues.
Customer: "See if I ever spend another dollar here, fucling dumb. How can you
even supervise a store Eyed can' t do shit right? Huh? You should be a manager if
you fucling act this way, and don' t keep your word."
MEANWHILE on the phone with Alisha
ASM John: "Did she Just call you dumb?"
Alisha: "Yeah"
ASM John: "N be right up."
MEANWHILE on my end
Dumbest shit I ever saw, you can' t even manage right. I' m going to call Walmart
Corporate and report you."
Alisha "Good, my name is Alysia, tell them Isaid 'hi'."
So at this point, ASM John enters the fray, and him and the customer start going at
it. Ideer bits and pieces of it, but one line clearly hits my ears.
ASM John: "... That' s not my problem."
Customer: "Then what is your" problem?"
ASM John: "My problem is you disrespecting my associates."
The BIGGEST smile played along my face. She may have gotten her money, but
Alys's and John showed her that you don' t fuck with Walmart Associates.
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So Iwent to the walmart, and decided to buy a NOS energy drink. Mind
you, the cashier Igot was extremely friendly. Talked to every customer he had,
smiled, the works. Me and the him got into a conversation about being cashiers, and
the guy behind us... well...
Him: "Shut the fuck up already and ring the guy out. For Christ sake."
Me and the cashier looked at each other, and without using any kind of facial
expression, mutually understood what he was going through.
I love walmart, just for that reason.
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