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#57 - onkii
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(12/04/2013) [-]
I just got wasted for the first time last Saturday. It was probably one of the most interesting experiences of my life.

>boyfriend comes over to stay the night
>we begin to play COD World at War for the heck of it
>he decides to break out the Scotch he brought over
>i've never really drank before so I'm kind of nervous
>**** it
>down a glass of Scotch and Coke
>continue playing COD
>continue drinking
>playing this game becomes increasingly more difficult and increasingly more hilarious
>there's no stopping me
>he's still completely sober but i'm ********* at this point
>i'm pausing the game every 5 seconds because i'm so dizzy and i can't pay attention to the tasks at hand
>keep getting killed as well
>we both decide it's best we stop playing because we're not going anywhere with this
>shut off the game
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(12/04/2013) [-]
>he begins to browse the internet and tells me Ryan Gosling has died (he's not really dead, bf was just ******* with me)
>idk who that is but I know it's someone famous
>proceed to get really ******* upset
>cry for 20 minutes
>tell bf he should have had sex with one of his lesbian friends because she is pretty
>he's falling asleep
>tells me to come to bed
>i tell him to **** off and that I want to keep talking
>i lay down on the floor
>pretty comfortable
>fall asleep and have the best sleep of my life
>wake up next morning refreshed

To say the least, it was a very interesting experience. 10/10, would recommend.