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Anonymous 01/ ll/ ( Sat) 20' ' 03 No 526504467
I need help
So there' s this super hot stoner chick at my college
that i have a huge crush on. She actually seemed
receptive to my flirting and was actually getting kinda
o 4 far with her on Friday night she even said she wanted
In KB PM to ride my dick. But now ever since i sent this,
ignores me.
PLEASE HELP, How do i save it and recover to where we were?
Pie related
Anonymous 01/ I I/ ( Sai) .’ I 7: 59 No. 526504762
yyou dont
12: 54 PM 9 6170}
Text Message
I had a dream I was
inuyasha and you were
kagome and your grandpa
was still alive and you told
me he hit you so I sprinted
at superspeed to his
house to beat him up and
tell him never to go near
you again and you were
behind me chasing me all
slow like "inuyasha noo!!"
Anonymous HI/ I I/ ( Sat) ' 25' 06 no 526505764
Guys stop being mean and give me real advice, Dent act like you
guys havent done something like this before.
so you suggest i text her and pretend like i' m weirded out by what
i texted her earlier today right?
Pleas guys getting desperate
Anonymous (71/ I l/ M( Sat) N: 26: 54 No. 526506036
b/ -Kneeds X
Baud /b/ -Random A v Settings Home
ddon‘ t act like youve never told a girl you had a dream where she
was and you were inuyasha
Nigger. I have done so much dumb shit. I have done all sorts of
dumb shit. I stuck my dick in crazy, I went for a booty call with an
ex, I spent like 5003 just to go see an ex because I wanted to
make dat booty go clap. Dumb shit. I have done. I went to a
halloween party with an ex and drank myself absolutely stupid
and puked everywhere), I' shut my entire dinner table up by
making light of death, We dropped out of school because I
wanted to play video games, I' told a girl I loved her when I
really didn' t want her in my life. Everyone does dumb shit
But, without a fraction of doubt, with absolute positive clarity,
with all the vindication I can muster in words, I can say with the
utmost certainty that in this thread, in telling a woman you had a
dream she was a god damn Inuyasha character, you are abso-
positively fucking alone. Nobody in this thread- in
fact to fucking place down money that on this fucking board right
now- you are the only one who has ever stepped so far over the
boundary of full retard that you told a woman that you had a
dream she was a fucking inuyasha character,
If you fucked up, we could help you, bail you out, give you some
and recover this to the point where you could both
LAUGH about it and grow CLOSER. But this, man, this is so far
beyond fucking up, This is the pinnacle of assfuckery. There will
not be another fuckout of this magnitude for eons to come. Eons.
You read me, man? This is worse than the guy who proposed sex
to the chick on facebook. This is worse than 'please respond' shit.
This is worse than Brian.
In the alternate universe where you didnt fuck things up this
badly, you STILL fucked them up this badly.
You wanna know what you do? Stop talking to her completely
am, yourself" a man. No, as a human fucking being.
Views: 1079 Submitted: 06/25/2014
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#1 - definitelynotanon
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(06/25/2014) [-]
>she is stoner chick
>say next day you were stoned