Modern Day Seinfeld Episodes. . Tweets that answer "What if Seinfeld were still on the air?" ll Modem Seinfeld gee r‘ was Elaine loves the way her new boyfriend seinfeld TV tweets twitter
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Modern Day Seinfeld Episodes

Tweets that answer "What if
Seinfeld were still on the air?"
ll Modem Seinfeld gee r‘ was
Elaine loves the way her new
boyfriend smells, but when she
discovers he uses Axe Body Spray,
she begins to question her entire life.
Ill Modern Seinfeld my ''
Jerry' s girlfriend won' t stop saying
that she "literally can' t." "What?!
Can' t what?! Finish your sentence!"
Modern Seinfeld I
Inspired by Lebron, George tries to reunite w/ an ex he
dumped, She slaps him J"' He' s the Lebron of
re the Lemon of nothig"
Modem Seinfeld as 1' Feb 24
Jerry gets stuck on a hoverhanding
group text. "You used to be able to
avoid people! Now they can choose
to live in your pocket forever!"
Modern Seinfeld as r-' in 3
Jerry gets paranoid about his
girlfriend' s past when her iphone
automatically connects to the
at Newman' s apartment.
Modem Seinfeld No, 29
Jerry' s Twitter' s hacked. People like
Hacked Jerry" better. George tries
to get trampled on Black Friday so
he can sue. Everyone is polite.
Modern Seinfeld as r“ elc. : 4 cc: 25
Elaine' s bf constantly starts texts
but never sends them. E:" I get the
bubble w/ three dots I want a text!"
J:" The bubble' s not binding!"
Modern Seinfeld yee zen! we
Kramer is addicted to Candy Crush,
but suspects one of the levels is
impossible to beat. "They' re modern
day carnies, Jerry! It' s a con!"
so an 2313
Elaine suspects her bf is gay when
he' s mysteriously busy during pride
weekend. Kramer helps her
investigate, ends up leading the
a Modern Seinfeld cruzer' E May 3013
Elaine' s bf reminds her of Don
Draper. Turns out he' s just an
alcoholic who didn' t tell her he was
married. Kramer discovers twerking.
Modern Seinfeld gsum" 2 3
Jerry swears off texting women. ''I' m
back to the phone! With the phone,
you worry once a day and you' re
done. With texting, it never ends."
Modern Seinfeld Cs' src-
Kramer discovers people in Brooklyn
are dressing like him. George learns
when you search his name, Google
suggests "George Costanza Gay."
u Modern Seinfeld :- 3 Apr was
George discovers , is
convinced he' s dying. "Could I have
cancer, malaria, AND smallpox?
l Modern Seinfeld 9 Mar no
Elaine' s Republican boyfriend says
Thanks a lot, Obama," whenever
something bad happens. Kramer
claims to have created
I Modern Seinfeld caser' 3 My 203
Jerry' s constantly says "hashtag."
George gets a job as a "social media
expert." "It' s great, Jerry. You don' t
need to know anything!"
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