Mike chang's feeling helpful. Official mike chang replies. Just wanted to get this stuff out of there for anyone thinking about doing fitness or exercise. It's  mike chang 6 pac
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Mike chang's feeling helpful

Official mike chang replies. Just wanted to get this stuff out of there for anyone thinking about doing fitness or exercise. It's just such vital information which would otherwise take years of trial and error to discover. Enjoy guys.

What's even more hilarious is that in the video these comments were made on mike chang is talking about how he did 100's variations of sit ups every day and couldn't get any results. Then his partner says: "You're right, there just is no shortcut for abs." Meanwhile Mike chang is visibly shaking and perlexed and he goes on about how deadlifting will spot-reduce fat for abs.


Steven Holloway 3 days ago
So ifl do deadlifts a lot I will lose my belly fat?
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jep don' t forget to eat den and tren hard
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blacka 2' 1 hours ago
You still haven' t explained howto lose fat in your stomach even though it' s the title ofthe
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Six Pack Shortcuts
eat den and tren hard
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y Natalie bweel. -ago
So mike does this mean that the Aminute belly fat ' t work well because it
has crunches in? want to acheive weight loss as quick as i can I I don' t have all the gym
equipment at the moment so please give me some answers would appreciate it.
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Six Pack Shortcuts
eat den tren hard
Clay Stanley 1
is Slims an okay amount forthis?
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don' t want to overdo it, just hang a towel on both sides
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bilal all weeks ago
I can someone tell me the basics of making my arms bigger please.
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train legs
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Will Drewmana 1 month ago
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Only . 33 at your local store.
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I month ago
m reading these comments and they get everyone! You people are
corny as hell! I' m seeing comments about the shirts, one guy is looking at which ball Mike
is hitting, another asshole is talking about them going backto china, like yall
are the reason America hijacked up! #stupidity #ignorance# haters# homos
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but @youtube
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Trevor Maku 2 months ago
Hey guys I have abs under my belly fat, tried so hard, but it refused to burn.. what do I do?
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The key is to add enough gasoline.
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Sharma Genasi I month ago
I will it cause hernia when lifting the dud lift
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only when cross fitting.
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nit Teo Hester's amonth ago
You two are so full of it.
There is no such thing as localized fat burning.
Can' t believe you two are telling this to the public.
You can' t burn fat on the belly alone - you can only burn the whole body' s fat.
When you reduce the percentage ofyour body fat -) abs will show, period.
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Six Pack Shortcuts C)
there - you just havent done enough of mike chang workouts yet, they be good
and helped me lose much weight very fast. Buy his program-
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Bamboo 1 month ago eddited)
Lifting weights is for weight all the way homey. That muscle is good for
nothing but looking not build muscle (that looks natural} that can actually be used
for sport specific training? Day say girls prefer it that
live outside New is
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towel mes for the hoes, amiright? Gravity curls for the girls, amiright? scrawny quads
forthe broads amiright?
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