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Mifune VS Black Star AMV Red Like Roses


Mifune vs Black Star set to Red Like Roses by Jeff Williams featuring Casey Lee Williams.

My roommate asked me to make a gif showing off Mifune's attacks; but it ended up being too long so I decided to go the whole 9 yards and try my hand out at making an AMV. Any input or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

All content belongs to original owners; I just edited the video and song.


Views: 2373 Submitted: 02/11/2014
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User avatar #1 - Daeiros
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(02/11/2014) [-]
At the beginning, when the pace of the song changes and the, nothing happens at first, then a few seconds later, he starts to charge. It seems like it would be better if he charges as the instrumentals kick in there.
You did that same type of effect at the end though when the pace changes again, it is synched up with him stabbing the **** out of him, so that was good.
User avatar #2 to #1 - JNS [OP]
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(02/11/2014) [-]
I think I see the part you're talking about, I'll try to make that fit better.

I took the video from 2 different battles, one was synced with the lyrical part of the song then attached to the front of the second "half"
because I was still thinking of it as 2 videos, I didn't really think to try to line up that first jump better.

i'll go in and see if I can't make it fit any better -- Thank you for the input

#3 to #1 - JNS [OP]
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User avatar #4 to #1 - JNS [OP]
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(02/11/2014) [-]
I played around with the timing in a few spots, what do you think?
Mifune VS Black Star AMV Red Like Roses 3rd edit
User avatar #5 to #4 - Daeiros
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(02/11/2014) [-]
excellent, that syncs up much nicer.
#6 to #5 - JNS [OP]
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(02/11/2014) [-]
thanks again for the input