'Merica. . Tilda .ti' i. . i, Sean Apple I consider it an act wary time a seeder play is number Hey ESPN stop showing SC) caer games. This IS Merica aha an espn
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Tilda .ti' i. . i, Sean Apple
I consider it an act wary time a seeder play is number Hey ESPN stop showing SC) caer games. This IS Merica
aha an espn top ten Expand
Chris Germ i-;
espn yee Eese my viewership each time yee shew a seeder
Nobody gives a **** about Get the **** off espn it' s
baseball season! ****** .
its crap).
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Expand 1' -Reply Retweet m More Get smear off of my TV... @espn
ch Layman (f.
Come an espn. We' re killing me with all this seeder
thank goodness fer NFL network... espn is talking about smear. I hate It when I put (on ESP“ and SC) caer IS (on "
tell me she good reason World Cup Soccer
sheild @ESF' N_ Firstpage its smear Sithis is the US
nobody watchin that mess
31 Bright Brookfield i: . braydon,
Why is soccer always an ESPN? t Mike Schizofan ..r. if: ; chaff
urhh no m Expand Freely " Retweet m More
Ellery Schneider :. (/._ robertson
Tennis an ESPN and smear an ESPN 2. Sorry fer being mad, it' s Ill Why do they gym show SC) caer an ESPN?
just that I thaoght this was America. Expand
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Seeing tennis and smear an mph makes me wanna kill myself
3% It? Why is there smear an ESPN? What the hell is the world Deming
iii to.
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Dennis Peary ;?d’ _
Wimbledon. Change it exerts ... Samar. is it acceptable to LIE) IPP? an SC) caers an s I E) at '3"" I"' S ,
cry? uh, everything.
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Okay ESPN, are yee really making me choose between tennis and "ill the showtimes are bad when smear is an at the same time an
soccer? Leaks like I' m eating a ballet fer breakfast. - ' ' bath ESPN and ... On a SUNDAY.
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i' i ill _ @L) haha i couldnt men watch it forthat, i have a pere "yeah were not pussies we dent watch er play smear in this
hatred fer smear family " dang dad ahahaha
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game. ( would be understand ifit were the US team, bet otherwise
Cant wait til this gay ) ornament is mares I can watch
mph again
Expand Fairs. rgu " . - Minni's.
T ii: Ll ta
**** all this smear an ESPN E
Why does smear have to be an ESPN like the whale week when
the storms take out havethe channels I like.
Nick Mccann Ciy.
I really hate when smear is an mph
l Expand
jason sbarro (/
seeks why m i wanna watch a sport i mastered
when i was S hfl
jason sbarro :.'.
Really @espn smear an bath channels we We in america he aha
cares about smear
ll, Tony Touch Ciy.
an I cant get the Yankees game an E and there' s smear an mph n
Garrett Fagula
Samar doesnt deserve to be an ESPN
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att Samar an all three ESPN channels.... Have we been infiltrated by
terrorists? is this a distress signal? #Cammies
Tennis and smear are an ESPN, I' m going to m kill myself new
in . Expand
Marcus Whitman (.? marcus_ whiteman 1'
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User avatar #2 - volero (07/22/2014) [-]
Holy **** . Cultural differences?! No way!
#1 - anonexplains (07/21/2014) [-]
"we dont watch football were not pussies" i dont know why are some americans so uneducated
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