Masturbation is Hard. . Blooded down the street horny as fuck, want to do something weird porn mag down my dacks down the bike trail that takes you into wooded  Masturbation is Hard Blooded down the street horny as fuck want to do something weird porn mag my dacks bike trail that takes you into wooded
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Masturbation is Hard

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Blooded down the street
horny as fuck, want to do something weird
porn mag down my dacks
down the bike trail that takes you into wooded area
minutes , find nice stump
clothes and sit, flicking through porn mag
decent picture, start to furiously mp
no rush is intense, about to blow my load
of a sudden hear a dirt bike out of no where
throw mag, grab clothes
Reandom dude on dirt bike sees me looking at him in the woods, naked with a boner
and looks at me, has helmet on
t read his facial expression, decide to start running
chases me all the way back up to my street on his bike
Shlicks rocks at my fragile naked body as he turns around and guns it back into woods
sees me crying naked on the side ofthe road
Peeople in car hysterical, makes it worse
Must realised i only managed to grab my shirt, dropped pants while running etc.
shirt on, can just see my house from where i am standing
as fast as i could, still have some reason
myself over side fence offerd, land terribly
is watering the plants
slime stands still as we stare at each other in shock
sprays me with the hose and tells me i' m weird, and to get inside
Caould have been worse
inside to my room and shut my eyes on bed in shame
i could see was that guy on the dirt bike
and came all over myself
Caried more in the shower after
that doesn' t even have a place in my top 10
Anonymous ( Tue)
a few days later, on the weekend
a mate over, wants to go for a walk
Flooty field on other side where my incident happened
why not
way down the trail, chatting
a distant dirt bike
constantly go cold, hear it getting closer
llt' s the same guy, what the fuck, man
try and keep cool
straight past us
swank fuck for that
bike violently come to a stop in the dirt behind us
god please no
Ffriend looks back, asks him what the hell he is looking at us
kl go pale, dreading what is about to come
Shelmet on as usual, turns bike off
Twalks over to us, doesn' t say a word
into black tinted visor, feeling offroad
about a meter in front of us
Potarts to relentlessly , mocking me i assume
Ffriend is about to piss laughter
doesn' t make one sound, just looking side to side hunched over pretending to jerk it
is like some sort of mime on mp
and dramatically jogs back to his bike flailing his arms in the air, mocking me again
Tulips us off and rides offings the distance
Ffriend asks, what the fuckiest happened?
kl start crying and get a boner
Ffriend trips me over and calls me afag, steals my pants and leaves me on trail
he doesn' t want to hang out anymore and leaves
Sstill crying, walk back up trail with no pants and an unwanted shameful boner
Suecide to run home again, jump fence incase mum is out the front
again she is watering the plants
Llooks at me again, cracks up
Atleast you have underwear on this time, loser'
inside and go to sleep, very draining experience
I now have an attraction to dirt bikes that i do not want, and my mend told everyone at school that i fucked that guy. No fucks given. Hope you guys enjoyed
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dem mad ms paint skillz
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