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Life advice (for me)

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Submitted: 08/07/2014
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User avatar #12 - gregthebobo (08/08/2014) [-]
When you begin to sense the overwhelming feelings you must take the seconds to ask yourself one single question. What good is it going to do me or anyone else if I get angry?
#11 - ruffric (08/08/2014) [-]
Also...Although revenge may sound nice. It does not help anything. Do not let revenge be a motivation. It doesn't resolve the issue. it only makes the one incident feel less undesirable to you. Revenge only does damage, which goes against what you need to practice, which is "damage control"

Its completely normal to be angry but it becomes a problem when you let anger be a motivation to harm others in a "revenge scheme"
#10 - ruffric (08/08/2014) [-]
This sounds like something that may have manifested as a result of burying something. Anger issues are almost never there just by chance. Normally analyzing your thoughts and backtracking them to a source helps. Try to pull yourself out of the situation and decipher why you are actually angry. Focus on identifying when your emotions are in control of you instead of you being in control of your emotions. Think before you act, and if things seem bad, then look at yourself objectively and try to pull out the negative thoughts and thought patterns one piece at a time. if that doesn't work then just take a step back and just focus on relaxing and making yourself feel better before you do anything else.

Good Luck!

P.s. Try some periodic therapy. Its not just for crazy people... lol
User avatar #8 - muhcocksafloppin (08/08/2014) [-]
Work out, eat right and fap daily. You'll feel 19% better.
User avatar #1 - sewallman ONLINE (08/07/2014) [+] (4 replies)
Guy, the best thing you can do is smoke a smoke while not giving 9 ***** .

Wanna add me on facebook and learn from a master?
#7 - kingderps (08/08/2014) [-]
You need to masturbate. If you don't know how, ask your mom for help.
#3 - anonymous (08/07/2014) [-]
I learned from a tv show that not caring about anything helps
#9 - quatre (08/08/2014) [-]
Anger isn't bad, it's part of the human experience. You'll never become a person that never gets angry. But you can identify sources, prevent the cause, and mitigate your reaction.

You'll need to identify the problem yourself or give us more. With the info you've given us, that you're angry with your family, doesn't help us and certainly doesn't help us help you. Maybe you've got an abusive dad and an alcoholic mom and you're totally justified in being angry with your family. Maybe you feel attacked for really ******* up in school and/or work and everyone is telling you about it without really offering to help. Maybe you're just a teenager and you're as susceptible to your hormones as the rest of us mortals.

Preventing fights with family is different than social anger. A lot of FJ users will say work out and fap. That helps with social anger bursts, it really does, but less so with familial issues. The best thing, and it sucks, would be to be nice. Not indifferent. Not just courteous, but NICE. Do the dishes, wash the car, mow the lawn, etc. Without being told first. Preemptive kindness can stop or soften anything coming for you.

How you act when angry comes with experience and maturity. It IS a choice. I will share a story of my 6th grade self, a long time ago so I'll be short on the details. My brother had broken a pencil sharpener of mine. I was a hobby artist and had several, but it got me angry. My first punch landed, as did the second. The third rolled off his shoulder and went through the wall he was backed against. Over a pencil sharpener. It was a hell of a surprise welcome party to puberty. I learned, aside from how long my mom can keep up a lecture, that acting while angry could be very, very stupid. I resolved myself the mantra: don't get angry, get even. If you can maintain anger enough to think of a plan and carry through with it without recrimination, then they deserve it. It puts issues in perspective and makes revenge sweeter.
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