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#28 - cantankerousotter (11/03/2013) [-]
Why is everyone saying he's hot? I don't see it at all...
#71 to #28 - Absolute Madman (11/03/2013) [-]
#44 to #28 - theseqceeman (11/03/2013) [-]
it just looks weird if you click it
it just looks weird if you click it
User avatar #49 to #44 - bladebites (11/03/2013) [-]
I clicked it and for some reason the image that turned up was so hilarious I had to struggle not to spit out my coffee.
There's literally no reason for it, it's just one of those pictures that's so weird looking that you have to laugh.
User avatar #34 to #28 - seras (11/03/2013) [-]
I was trying to make a remark about you not having sexuality, but then my mouse hovered over your comment.
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