Let's just escalate this shall we.... . in my work England us. America...
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#9 - pocoyothegreat (04/24/2014) [-]
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#34 - illusiveman (04/24/2014) [-]
Get in a real sport!
#33 - tittylovin (04/24/2014) [-]
I've been waiting to use this.
User avatar #23 - subtard (04/24/2014) [-]
It bothers me that the label "hand" is clearly pointing to an elbow.
#26 - ogloko (04/24/2014) [-]
rugby master race reporting in
User avatar #49 to #26 - Gandalfthewhite (04/24/2014) [-]
Im gonna get hate for this but **** it. Everyone i know who plays rugby and all the kids who took it as a sport in school only did so because they were too **** to make it into the football team
#4 - John Cena (04/24/2014) [-]
Fun fact! Its called foot ball because the ball is a foot long from point to point!
#10 to #4 - unaniwanimous (04/24/2014) [-]
Now why would someone thumb this down?
User avatar #20 to #4 - kciwtsob ONLINE (04/24/2014) [-]
That is not true its called football because it is a take on rugby football, but it is still an interesting piece of info about it being a foot long
#50 to #4 - John Cena (04/24/2014) [-]
and the imperial measurment system is **** anyways, i cant se how this is supposed to make sense
#14 to #4 - John Cena (04/24/2014) [-]
Fun fact: The american measurement system is horrible, and anyone could weed it foot by foot and find several faults at every inch.
User avatar #25 to #4 - Iritis (04/24/2014) [-]
Fun fact! It takes much more skill to play professional hockey than it does football or soccer!
#47 - John Cena (04/24/2014) [-]
*cough* Coming from a country that's too scared to play Rugby...
User avatar #31 - demandsgayversion (04/24/2014) [-]
"The thing where you put the ball in the thing for points and people pretend to get hurt is better than the thing where you put the other ball in the other thing for points and people sometimes really get hurt."
User avatar #43 - PubLandlord (04/24/2014) [-]
Not sure why the guy who commented that football(soccer) takes more skill than American football was getting thumbed down

You just need to look at the role of the players, a huge proportion of American football players sole job is to run into other players, or to stop certain players from reaching a certain area

Yeah a quarterback and receiver have to have skill, maybe as much as soccer players, however in soccer just being fast and strong won't mean you could automatically become a good player, whereas a fast strong individual could learn a position in American football much faster.

Think about players like lionel Messi and Xavi, best players in the world, who are incredibly small standing at 5"7.

You can start American football later, having never played the game a coach can mould someone who is fast and strong, whereas with soccer/football the technical skill has to be there
#2 - sttreoflaln (04/23/2014) [-]
Consider the following.jpeg

Professional football players do not act like they're hurt, they often get hurt, i am a football player myself and I know that it doesn't take much to get you off your feet, when you are running at full speed and have to focus on the ball and at the opponent that is running behind you or in front of you, just a small touch, or a bit of unbalance are enough to get you off your feet, and sometimes if you feel contact you fall on the ground to show the reffere that there was contact.

There are players that dive though like Neymar, Suarez and Young, and thats a disgrace, but it occurs much less than Americans make it sound like

TLDR; Football players do not act like they're hurt.
User avatar #17 to #2 - anonslayer (04/24/2014) [-]
American football involves players running into eachother at full speed, while yes they do have gear on to stop them from getting hurt. There are plenty of exposed spots + the helmets don't really stop much, just your head getting turned squishy. Getting hit full force by a 300 pound kid doesn't feel too good. Last year during a game one kid on our team had his helmet ripped off as a pile formed and he had to be taken away on a stretcher
TL;DR Injuries happen in all sports but soccer has the most faked ones and comparing various injuries occurring in different sports is stupid
#6 to #2 - John Cena (04/24/2014) [-]
It happens all the time, a strong breeze knocks most players over... just because you've posted a picture of (I'm guessing Ronaldo) footballer bleeding doesn't means its a hardcore sport. Players dive all the time to get free kicks, hold up play of the game and take wind out of the opposition if they're constantly pushing it gives your team a break from the attack. Some players definitely don't dive and will try to keep playing whilst they're being kicked from all angles such as Zlatan and Robben (as seen in todays game, guys a champ) football is definately a game where injuries are faked the most. Even Messi dives constantly whenever he loses the ball
#19 to #6 - killersam (04/24/2014) [-]
hey asshole maybe if you actually go outside and play football (soccer) you would understand how much skill it takes to keep control of the ball with your feet cause even when i play american football and i score a touchdown i fall over because of the speed i go at so if some asshole puts his foot in front of you running at about 14-16 MPH even if it is a small touch you would topple over and probably would break your bones that is why footballers or soccer players roll because they don't want to risk injury that is why it is hard to call it a dive or not

<----- football players reaction to your ********
#60 to #6 - sttreoflaln (05/29/2014) [-]
www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QM1QkmEJSM Robben is one of the biggest divers in football not following you there
#3 to #2 - rebgroshkover (04/23/2014) [-]
It is not the pretending it is the sole reason that simulating foul play is a regular thing in football.   
The sport is for faggots. That said along with you saying that you are a football player well... it leads to the conclusion that you are a faggot.
It is not the pretending it is the sole reason that simulating foul play is a regular thing in football.

The sport is for faggots. That said along with you saying that you are a football player well... it leads to the conclusion that you are a faggot.
#61 to #3 - sttreoflaln (05/29/2014) [-]
Where im from football gets you the girls
#56 to #3 - adamks (04/24/2014) [-]
Most popular sport in the world?
User avatar #44 - nocakeforthetroll (04/24/2014) [-]
What is your obsession with the rivalry between these two countries? Seriously this hasn't been a thing for years.
#36 - illusiveman (04/24/2014) [-]
This is ridiculous.
User avatar #35 - badgerbaiting (04/24/2014) [-]
I think football of both types are a steaming pile of wank.
#11 - John Cena (04/24/2014) [-]
It takes much more skill to play professional soccer than it does football.
User avatar #24 to #11 - Iritis (04/24/2014) [-]
It takes much more skill to play professional hockey than it does football or soccer.
#28 to #24 - John Cena (04/24/2014) [-]
Lol no
User avatar #57 to #28 - Iritis (04/24/2014) [-]
You try skating around on two thin, sharp pieces of metal, on ice, while hitting around a solid rubber puck with a wooden stick. Much easier than running around in a grass field kicking or throwing a ball around.
User avatar #15 to #11 - anonslayer (04/24/2014) [-]
I don't have much knowledge of soccer but football is very complex with knowing the plays, mechanics, when to use a play ect.... Im sure there are formations in soccer but it just goes back and forth where as football has a lot of thinking between each play
#12 to #11 - John Cena (04/24/2014) [-]
#13 to #11 - John Cena (04/24/2014) [-]
You need at least a master degree in drama, right?
User avatar #39 - hellomynameisbill (04/24/2014) [-]
game with oval ball is football.

game with circular ball is soccer
#40 - John Cena (04/24/2014) [-]
pfft...try playing rugby then tell me that soccer players get 'hurt'.
#27 - ThekidsTEN (04/24/2014) [-]
its called a football because it is a foot in length
User avatar #29 to #27 - douthit (04/24/2014) [-]
I think it's called football because kicks are used to put the ball into play each drive, and is involved in most scoring.
#16 - lihborg (04/24/2014) [-]
from europe, like both. Football more than handegg obv. Still fun to watch, interesting how fatties can still play handegg, but in football u need to be in reasonable shape, AKA not have man titts.
User avatar #30 - severepwner ONLINE (04/24/2014) [-]
Alright we get it, football and soccer are sports for homos
and we should be sucking the dicks of rugby players, we ******* get it.
User avatar #1 - totalynotxewi (04/23/2014) [-]
Doesn't matter, you still use your foot.

I don't like football but calling American Football football is just retarded and it's things like that makes the American stereotype
#7 to #1 - xxjmacxx has deleted their comment [-]
#8 to #1 - xxjmacxx has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #41 to #1 - totalynotxewi (04/24/2014) [-]
Why does neverr thumb down everything I post ?

Who are you, knights of the dark?
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