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Let's have a talk

All we' ever done ' help you, and you st I don' t
e us. How could you not I us‘!
France was more than Y, reason you won your .ye(
they still thanked am when it was over and even built you a giant
damn statue you now use as a symbol amour country.
And how m you Show YOUR gratitude?
And you' re so full of yourselves
Every damn day, I turn on the Tito hear another
talking head, regardless of political spectrum, tell
me how America is the greatest country ever.
all if not may
the we‘ re an
You ALSO Tll own countries around the world.
Or " you larget about Puerto Rico? Guam?
The Virii Glands?
TE you constantly complain about
Britain' s imperialism
And I think what l hate most about you
You constantly claim your biggest thing is freedom. yet you
Ean provide ANY
dole East"
RWR? t ll
Cl in a co
How about us! this once. you sit this one out. can you
do that for me. ‘Murine’ can "
our banks. unlike yours. didn' t in the housing
crash of zany. no = skew. and some even spread into
instead of , into every damned
conflict how about you get your shit at home
spend some of that money you brag about having. and fix
your damned country.
on wait! I forgot. America thinks Government spending is a BAD
or at least. it is when not on your military. right? Because
you all seem to be JUST we paying more in military costs
than the next w. countries (by military spending] combined
Really, who the HELL do you think you are?
LN /Every in the past century.
you' been involved in to at least
Vow country has been teetering on the edge of collapse for
the past t years. your have again and Tmi
woven to be corrupt as MMF
Butyou know whata I could tolerate all of that. ALL OF "
If you weren' t so damned self absorbed.
That' s the worst of in America.
Vnu' requst a group of fat. drug addicted. loudmouthed
idiots with no sense of anyone but yourselves
Thanks for the save in WWY.
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