Land of nope. Are you getting in. down under
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#5 - jaevel
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(04/25/2014) [-]
#4 - badpony
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(04/24/2014) [-]
Found the cat
User avatar #1 - wcpapier
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(04/24/2014) [-]
i dont know what kind of snake this is, but it doesnt look poisenous.
also it probably isnt big enough to strangle people, let alone eat them ( and yeah i know of the unhinging jaw, still not big enough).
and seeing how it relaxes there my biggest guess is that this snake is domesticated
so yeah i would still probably go in the shower.
#2 to #1 - ozziebear [OP]
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(04/24/2014) [-]
seductive as hell tho
User avatar #3 to #1 - enemyoftrn
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(04/24/2014) [-]
Snakes, if its this big, are usually not of the poisonous kind. If its this big, 99% its of python genus. Its an evolutionary thing. If its breed is big and have muscle, like the content's creature, than it won't need a poisonous weapon. However, if its small and slightly more colorful, well, Run bitch, run!