Knights of The Old Republic Feels. We've all been there, Lord Revan..... there's some serious side boob there and you know what that means
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Knights of The Old Republic Feels

We've all been there, Lord Revan...

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Submitted: 10/21/2013
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#1 - cheastnut ONLINE (10/21/2013) [+] (4 replies)
there's some serious side boob there and you know what that means
User avatar #4 - thedingleberry (10/21/2013) [+] (7 replies)
haha bitch you must be ugly
#11 to #10 - canadianbetamale (10/21/2013) [-]
Okay now you're just trolling. I saw through your ruse, good man.
User avatar #16 - jacencaedus ONLINE (10/22/2013) [-]
God ******* dammit Bastilla
The moment you feel bad/desperately want to go back for a character is the moment you realize that the creators did a DAMN fine job of developing them
#14 - teranin ONLINE (10/22/2013) [-]
Dat Username
Dat Username
#21 - ninjamyles **User deleted account** (10/22/2013) [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #19 - zysolyn (10/22/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Bioware did an amazing job with the characters, though HK and Bastilla were the only two that I really felt emotionally attached I'm currently playing through it again on the iPad. And you know you can redeem Bastilla later, right? on the star forge.
User avatar #15 - vondarkmoor (10/22/2013) [-]
sw kotor gets mentioned online eveyone starts downloading
User avatar #12 - symmiie ONLINE (10/21/2013) [-]
And then you like her more.
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