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if you provide his name, when he ruled, and how he was assassinated, i'd might belive you
untill then, this is just another ********** story made up by a bored faggot on the internet.
User avatar #8 to #4 - persevs
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From what I've read this is most likely a myth about Elagabalus who ruled from 218 ad to 222 ad. He was killed by his own guards, who'd been bribed into it by his own grandmother. He was a very religious and perverted emperor. He was also transsexual and homosexual (possibly bi).
User avatar #6 to #4 - badgertom
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Ask and you shall receive:
It was devised by the Emperor Elagabalus (203-222). He is one of history's more interesting characters. He is known for his sexual deviance- he liked to prostitute himself out and pretend to be a girl. He also devised the first ever lottery- he first gave away money and houses, but became bored and some prizes consisted of a dead dog for example. He also used catapults to fire poisonous snakes into the assembled crowd in the forum as a joke. And he did indeed invent a rudimentary whoopie-cushion supposedly.